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Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of The Lake Victoria Union
Location of The Lake Victoria Union
(and largest city)

The Lake Victoria Union is a alliance between the nations of Kenya, Uganda and the former regions of Tanzania Kagera, Mwanza, Mara, all in which control the waters of Lake Victoria.


Pre-Doomsday Lake Victoria was a large fishing spot, as well as an irrigation area for the locals.


The leaders of Kenya, Uganda, Mara, Kagera, Mwanza knew the world might go mad, and that Lake Victoria would be a spot to take, and for the safety of its waters, they formed an alliance. Uganda's leader, Tito Okello, was placed as the Military leader, Kenya's leader, Daniel arap Moi, a strong anti-communist, was picked to be vice-president of the union, due to people thinking that he would take sides with the Americans, and Benjamin Mkapa of Mara was voted in as the President. Soon relations with the CCCP and the USA where destroyed before the year Doomsday


The Lake Victoria Union stood strong during the fighting; they did fight off small anti-Communist and Communist groups to be sure that the Union wouldn't fall into one anothers party.

After Doomsday[]

The world went in chaos, and the Lake Victoria Union watched it, after the last nukes went off, the nation went into prayer for the world.


The leaders stayed in they're power after the last 1995 election that passed all three leaders to lead until 2005, until in 1997 a communist group killed Daniel arap Moi while a military parade was happening in Nairobi, Tito Okello took his place as the vice-president.


In 2005, the leaders stepped down, and three new leaders appeared: Raila Odingas won as president and Mwai Kibaki was voted as vice president. Jakaya Kikwete became the military leader, and communist groups begin to fade away.


The same leaders have been kept in power due to popularity; the nations economy and population grew over the five years.