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The Lancaster Trading Company is an organisation that was formed in 2004 by an assortment of Lancastrian merchants, businessmen, and haulers whose business had come under threat from the Clevish Singleton Clan and had therefore opted to pool their resources in order to compete. Since then, they have been playing catch-up with their archrivals, aided by government backing and Lancaster's relatively good transport infrastructure, but hampered by their nation's small size and the fact that, unlike the Singleton Cla,n they lack familial connections in other countries. Nonetheless, they have made significant progress in establishing trade links with the wider world and show every sign of continuing to do so.


Following contact being established with the Kingdom of Cleveland, many Lancastrian merchants and haulers found their business coming under threat from competition by the Singleton Clan. For a while, they struggled on individually until, after the latest of many conversations bemoaning the existence of the Singleton Clan, someone proposed that they might have a better chance of competing with the Cleveish company if they were to join forces against them. According to company lore, the fateful conversation took place in the Angel Inn in Burnley, although there is no hard evidence to support this. The company was officially founded in 2004 by brothers David and Ian Taylor, who ran a moderately successful haulage business, and merchants Richard Jackson and Micheal Smith.

Trade Links

In addition to the pre-existing trading links with the Celtic Alliance and other British survivour nations, the company has established trade with the following nations:

Country Year Trading Was Established
Lille-et-Terres-Flamande 2006
Pointevine Republic 2006
Euskadi 2007
Novgorod 2010
Nordic Union 2010
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