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On a cold frosty January Russian morning, Vladimir Lenin walked out of his house. Little did he know that it would be the last steps he would ever take on planet Earth ...

In this timeline, Vladimir Lenin was assassinated on 23 January 1918, by Feiga Haimovna Roytblat, a Russian socialist revolutionary. With no powerful leadership, the Communist revolution would fail and the Russian Empire would survive to this day...


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  1. ASB is possible in this timeline, and will probably happen. We know this timeline is not what would happen if our PoD actually had occurred, but rather guided by the creators to ensure a fun and interesting timeline, that both the creators and the readers can enjoy
  2. Due to the number of contributors, there will be some inconsistencies with the timeline. We ask that the reader accept these or point them out if they are major plot points, thus allowing us to fix these mistakes, and make the timeline better overall.
  3. more to come
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