Alternative History


  • Cyrilic script is used in the Russian Orthodox world (both east and west), and worldwide represent languages that did not have a script before the 20th century.
  • Latin script, or Mandarin Romanization, is used mostly in the Catholic world.
  • Han-i and related scripts are used in all the area of influence of the Chinese, including Japan and Korea.
  • Arabic is the official script of Islam. However in Indonesia, Arabic is only used to write Arabian, and many non-semitic languages have alternate writings in other scripts. For example, Urdu is usually written in Devangari, and Turkish is usually written in Cyrillic.
  • Devangari is used in India for most languages spoken there.

In countries like Pakistan it is common to see together Cyrillic, Han-i ideograms, Arabic and Devangari, all of them to write Urdu.

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