Alternative History

This is a portal page for the languages affected by the PoD in the Magnam Europae ATL. This includes languages that have been created by the unification of the Frankish and Byzantine Empires and languages that have been altered in a large way due to the PoD. The most important one of note, Romaïn, was created by the fusion of the Greek and French languages that started as a trade language.

Languages Created

In the Carolingian Empire

  • Romaïn (Magnam Europae)- A fusion of Greek, Old German, and Frankish. Slight influence by Old Slavic.
    • Frankish Language (Magnam Europae)- A western language that evolved from Old Frankish. Eventually became extinct. Spoken by nobles of the Römisches Reich until the 19th century.
    • Late Greek (Magnam Europae)- An eastern language that evolved from the Greek language spoken in the Byzantine Empire. Eventually became extinct. Spoken by nobles until the 9th century.
  • Frankrig (Magnam Europae)- A fusion of (mostly) Danish and Old Frankish, with slight influences by other Nordic languages.