Official languages of Antarctica.

Various languages are spoken on the continent of Antarctica, most of which are non-native, brought from Europe or the Americas by colonizers; though the Native Antarctic indigenous languages are still spoken widely in the mostly native-populated country of Ognia.

The most-spoken language of Antarctica is Russian, which is an official language of Bellinsgauzenia, New Devon, and Ognia. English is the most widespread language, officially spoken in the Balleny Islands, Eduarda, New Devon, New South Greenland, and the Ross Dependency. The continent's other major languages include German in New Swabia, French in Kerguelen, Norwegian and Swedish in Maudland, and Spanish in New South Greenland.

The Free Territory of the South Pole officially recognizes all languages, though English and Russian are by far the most common languages in this area.

Official languages

Language Official Regional
 Flag of the United Kingdom.svg English
 Flag of France.svg French
 Flag of Germany.svg German
 Tino Rangatiratanga Maori sovereignty movement flag.svg Maori
 Flag of Norway.svg Norwegian
 Flag of Ognia (Great White South).svg Ognian
 Flag of Russia.svg Russian
 Flag of Sweden.svg Swedish

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