Alternative History

The Latinian Civil war was largely created by a dispute between Emperor Louis and Napoleon III of which Louis was to be victorious only to die a few months later.

Operations in Aragon and Catalonia[]

Marshal Santiago's army of Aragon were still largely loyal to Napoleon and Santiago himself was very much anti-Louis. However Marshal Zamora's army of Catalonia were pro Louis. At the battle of Zaragoza (March - June 1905) though Santiago's men were pushed back and eventually capitulated.

Operations in Valencia and the Balearic Islands[]

Valencia was more or less out of the fighting. It was almost entirely pro Louis. But the Balearics on the other hand were divided, Majorca and Ibiza were for Napoleon whilst Minorca and Formentera were for Louis. In may 1905 Louis' forces captured Ibiza but Majorca stood fast and refused to surrender. Even a massive amphibious landing was pushed back by Napoleons Navy. After over a year of being blockaded though (June 1905 - September 1906) Majorca finally capitulated.

Operations in the rest of Spain[]

The Siege of Cordoba (December 1906 - March 1907) by Louis' troops was the first real engagement in Spain and the Last in the war. There had been several skirmishes in Madrid but the rest of Spain was very peaceful.

Operations in Pirenea - Alpus[]

Pirenea - Alpus was the focus of most Napoleonic resistance. From his headquarters at Bordeaux the 18 year old Napoleon leads his forces at first with some success defeating Louis at the Battle of Issoire and the Battle of Chambery. But with his lack of resources Napoleon was gradually beaten back and by September 1906 only Bordeaux was still in Napoleons hands. Just before it fell in February 1907 Napoleon and 32 of his most trusted advisors escaped into exile in Britain.

Operations in the rest of the Empire[]

The only major battle in Italy was the siege of Genoa (September - December 1905) which resulted in Louis complete victory.