Alternative History
Laura Smithson
Term of Office: January 1, 1991 - Present
Predecessor: Christopher Miles
Successor: Unknown
Date of birth: January 31, 1949
Place of birth: Hartford, Connecticut State
Previous Profession: Minister of Foreign Affairs
Political Party: New Libertarian
Deputy Prime Minister: Thomas Trenton

Laura Smithson is the 21st Prime Minister of the United States of New England, and its third female Prime Minister. She was born in Hartford, Connecticut State to a schoolteacher and a banker. She took an immediate love of politics and studied political science at Harvard University. In 1982, she was asked by Christopher Miles to be his Minister of Foreign Affairs as he ran for prime minister. He was elected in a landslide and Laura Smithson became the MFA. In 1990, she ran for prime minister and was elected, as the leader of the popular New Libertarian party. Under her guidance, the USNE has seen an economic and social renaissance.