Lauren Wight
Timeline: The Kalmar Union

Lauren Wight
Portrait of Lauren Wight

Born 3rd January, 1985
Skirbeck, Anglia
Profession Actor

Possibly Anglia's most famous actress Lauren Wight began her career as a dependable extra for the short comedies produced by First Light Studios but she was rarely credited. However in Spring 2009 the decision was made to switch to non-dramatic documentary films and to raise funds for the venture sold her contract to Ryhope Studios.

At Ryhope her career was slow to take-off as the older more established actors had first calls on all scripts. It was only after the tragic death of Kristin Parker in 2010 that Lauren was asked to fill in her role in To Catch the Bird at the last minute.

She was almost black-listed after the film The Flirt which scandalised Anglian society with its casual attitude to match-making on a beach though Ryhope apologised for the production and all copies were returned and destroyed.

So far her most high-profile role has been the title character in Ianthe (2013) and much of the horror of the film was generated by Lauren's portrayal of the ageless However her new film alongside her Ianthe co-star Henry Menville, The Master Mind, has been well-received. It is also the first Anglian film to feature both their names on the film posters. While this is no doubt motivated by the studio's desire to publicise the films even more some say this signals the start of the actors becoming more important than the films they are in.


  • Moses (2008) - Israelite Girl
  • Catherine (2008) - Accuser
  • Three Passions (2009) - Anna
  • Octavia (2009) - Suzette
  • The Hunt (2009) - Elizabeth
  • At the Races (2010) - Jockey's Girlfriend
  • To Catch the Bird (2010) - Elsa
  • Bag of Worries (2010) - Kitchen Maid
  • The Nerve! (2011) - Mia
  • The Flirt (2011) - Rose
  • Farewell to Thee (2011) - Hermione
  • Hearts at the Factory (2011) - Nicola
  • A Quiet Wedding (2012) - Violet
  • Noah and the Flood (2012) - Japeth's Wife
  • Hercules (2012) - Oracle
  • Cooper's Legacy (2013) - Camille
  • Ianthe (2013) - Ianthe
  • The Master Mind - Helena
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