Alternative History

The League of North American States is the oldest of the non-colonial supranational organizations. It was formed after the Third Global War, initially involving the Japanese and British nations of North America, but later expanding to include the Hispanic and French states. To qualify for membership, a state must occupy North American territory. Its capital is in the city of Misurigawa, Mixixipi province, Misuri. This city was chosen for two major reason, 1) it is near the center of the continent, and 2) it is at the junction of the three major cultural blocs, Japanese (in the form of Misuri), British (in the form of the NAC), and French (in the form of Arkansas)

The League was formed as a result of the North American War. The League has maintained peace among its members, functioning as an arbitrator in territorial and economic disputes. It also administers the North American Dollar

The members of the League form a free trade zone, in addition to permitting complete freedom of movement for the citizens of league states. With members of both the Commonwealth of British Nations and the Federation of Japanese Nations in its membership, the League is interlocked with several other supernational organizations.

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