自由民主党 or 自民党
Jiyū-Minshutō or Jimintō
President Shinzō Abe
Secretary-General Shigeru Ishiba
Spokesperson Yuriko Koike
Councillors leader Hidehisa Otsuji
Representatives leader Shinzō Abe
Founded 15 November 1921 (1921-11-15)
Headquarters 1-11-23 Nagata-cho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
Membership  (2012) 3,729,000
Ideology Conservatism
Political position Centre-right
International affiliation None
Official colours Green and Blue
43 / 272
85 / 505
Prefectural assembly members
427 / 3,576
Municipal assembly members
703 / 35,980

The Liberal Democratic Party of Japan (自由民主党 Jiyū-Minshutō), frequently abbreviated to LDP or Jimintō (自民党), is a centre-right conservative political party in Japan.

Following the 2009 election, the LDP became the ruling party in the House of Representatives, defeating the long-dominant Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) and gaining the largest number of seats in both the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors. The LDP was ousted from government by the DPJ in the 2012 general election.

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