Republic of Liberia
Protectorate of Virginia
Timeline: 13 Fallen Stars

OTL equivalent: Liberia
Flag of Liberia Coat of arms of Liberia
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Monrovia
Other cities Bensonville, Buchanan, Harper
  others Liberian Kreyol, Merico
  others Catholicism, Islam
Demonym Liberian
Government Unitary presidential republic and protectorate of Virginia
  legislature Legislature
President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (UP)
Area 111,369 km²
Population 4,128,572 
Currency Dollar (LRD)
Time zone GMT (UTC±0)
Internet TLD .lr

The Republic of Liberia, colloquially known as Liberia, is a nation located in West Africa. The nation is a protectorate of the Commonwealth of Virginia and is one of the few areas in Africa to have had colonial influence from one of the American Republics (along with Bioko).

Much like its neighbor Sierra Leone, Liberia's origins date back to the early 1800s as slavery was gradually being abolished. Organized by the multinational American Colonization Society, the goal was to encourage the resettling of freed slaves from the American Republics to Africa. By 1847, these American-dominated settlements were unified as an independent republic (becoming the only real independent African nation at the time of its founding).

The Americo-Liberian population would see two main waves of immigration following independence. The first wave was in the 1870s as the administration of Robert E. Lee (whose family had ties to the American Colonization Society) encouraged the resettlement of Virginia's freed slaves. It was also during his administration that Liberia officially became a protectorate of Virginia. The second and largest wave took place following the abolishment of slavery in Carolina in the 1890s. As part of the Great Migration, many freed slaves chose Liberia as their destination.


Map of Liberia.

The economy and infrastructure of Liberia would gradually improve during the early 20th century, in particular as the economic reach of New Netherland and the United Commonwealth began to affect the region. Politically, the nation was dominated by the True Whig Party. Tensions between the Americo-Liberian minority government and the native majority would continue to exist until a native rebellion breaks out in the 1980s. With backing from New Netherland and Virginia, the rebellion is crushed. Pressure from its allies and neighbors leads Liberia to improve its relations with its native majority during the 1990s. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became the first native leader of the nation (as well as the first women president) in 2006.
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