Confederate Colony of Grand LiberiaTimeline: Confederate Empire
OTL equivalent: Liberia
LiberiaFlag of Liberia 1878 - 1916 Liberia Flag of Liberia
Confederate Liberia.png Seal of the Confederate States of America.svg
Merchant Standard of Grand Liberia Coat of arms
Confederate Liberia Map.png
Largest city Monrovia
Other cities Freetown
Official languages English
Regional Languages Liberian English
Ethnic groups  American African, Kru, Kpelle, Basse, Grebo, Gio, Mano
Religion Christianity, Islam
Demonym Liberian
Government Colony
 -  Governor James Skivring Smith (1870-1878)

Anthony Gardiner (1878-1883)

Alfred Russell (1883-1884)

William Coleman (1885-1892)

Joseph Cheeseman (1902-1911)
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