Principality of Liechtenstein
Timeline: The Kalmar Union
Flag of Liechtenstein (The Kalmar Union).svg No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language German, Czech
Princess Karoline
Chancellor Franz Buchel
Population 125,000 
Independence 1742
Currency AUM

The Principality of Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein, the Liechtenstein Archipelago, is a group of sovereign lands spread across the South and Eastern Holy Roman Empire collectively ruled by the Liechtenstein family. The capital is Valtice and the combined population is around 125,000.

The largest groupings of land are in Southern Moravia, enclaved within Austria-Bohemia and on the Austrian-Polish border. There is also a small-ish holding on the Rhine at Schaan between the Swiss Confederation and Austria.

The Head of State is Princess Karoline.

The official languages are German and Czech.

Due to its inter-dependency on Austria-Bohemia it uses the Austrian Mark (AUM).


The Liechtenstein family rose to prominence due to their close affiliation to the Austrian Hapsburgs. They served as chancellors for successive Austrian monarchs, as well as effective military commanders. They slowly built up a considerable holding of land across Bohemia, Moravia and Austria, particularly during the Schmalkaldic and Fifty Years Wars as lands were forfeited by Lutheran landholders, or simply those without heirs.

After the Treaty of Pressburg (1742) ending the Second Hungarian War, the family's lands in Hungarian Moravia were confiscated. Threatening to withdraw support for the beleaguered Hapsburg Emperor Rupert, he gave into their demands and compensated them by raising the Bohemian lands to immediacy and the family to the first rank of Imperial peerage.


The current head of state is Princess Karoline. Her Reichstag chancellor is Franz Buchel. Her father, Prince Joseph III abdicated in 2012 when he was unexpectedly elected Holy Roman Emperor.

The Principality's holdings are run by local Landstags. In practice the elected councils receive a great deal of independence, the higher appointed Reichstag concerns itself merely with foreign relations and general taxation.

Liechtenstein Map

The main Liechtenstein territories(Yellow) nestled within Austria-Bohemia. Bavaria (brown), Independent Cities (Orange), Bishoprics (Blue), Ducal Saxony (Dark Grey)

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