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The koshmar is a giant centipede-like species which inhabits Aphrodite. Despite its nightmarish appearance upon its discovery (the name koshmar comes from the Russian word for "nightmare"), the species has been partially domesticated and has generally become a friendly species among human settlers (becoming the national animal of New Kamchatka and [to a lesser extent] Venus as a whole).


Valentina's Kisses


Sliced pieces of the fruit.

Valentina's Kisses are a citrus-like fruit which ranges around the Sea of Rusalka. This species is noted for its extremely sweat and sour taste. The name is in honor of cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova (who became one of the first people to taste this fruit) and the puckering face she was said to have made upon tasting the sourness of the fruit. Despite the sourly taste, the fruit is very popular in Cukursia and New Kamchatka (being regarded as a national fruit).

Ishtar Melon


Sliced Ishtar melons.

The Ishtar melon is a fruit-like species which is native to southeastern Ishtar Terra. This fruit is similar in appearance to a watermelon, yet with a distinctive pink and purple coloring. The seeds are extremely high in caffeine, making the them valuable as a substitute from coffee among Venusians. It is because of this that the melon has become a cash crop for Kennedy (if not Venus as a whole).

The fruit juice and seeds can be mixed together to create ishtarade — a sweetened, caffeinated drink which has become the primary substitute for both coffee and tea for Venusians.

"Venusian Wheat"

Wheat P1210892

A wheat-like plant grows across the planet. Unlike on Earth, these species of wheat are green in color, which makes it hard to tell whether it was aged enough for consumption. This wheat is featured on the emblem of New Kamchatka.

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