This is a list of the most likely Separatist Movements, proposed State Mergers and proposed State Accessions. A more in depth list can be found at Wikipedia.

Separatist Movements include both proposed, and active movements.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Flag of Republika Srpska.svg Republika Srpska

  • People: Serbians
    • Proposed state: Republika Srpska
      • Political parties: Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, Serbian Democratic Party


Breakaway states

Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg Northern Cyprus

  • People: Turkish Cypriots
    • De facto state with no international recognition except from TurkeyFlag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svg Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Proposed Merger

Proposed flag of the United Cyprus Republic.svg United Republic of Cyprus

  • Merger of: Flag of Cyprus.svgCyprus and Flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.svgNorthern Cyprus


Prinsenvlag.svg Greater Netherlands


Secessionist movements

French Basque Country

  • People: Basque
    • Proposed state: Unification with the Flag of the Basque Country.svgBasque Country
      • Political parties: Abertzaleen Batasuna (AB), Batasuna, Eusko Alkartasuna (EFA member), Euzko Alderdi Jeltzalea (Basque Nationalist Party).
      • Trade unions: Euskal Langileen Alkartasuna, Langile Abertzaleen Batzordeak
      • Youth advocacy groups: Egi, Gazte Abertzaleak, Iritzarri, Segi
      • Militant organisations: ETA, Irrintzi

Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du).svg Brittany and parts of Flag of Pays-de-la-Loire.pngPays de la Loire

  • People: Bretons
    • Proposed state: Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du).svg Brittany
      • Advocacy groups: Celtic League
      • Political parties: Adsav, Strollad Breizh, Emgann, Breiz Atao
      • Militant organisation: Talbenn Dieubiñ Breizh (Breton Revolutionary Army) (ARB)

Northern Catalonia / Roussillon (predominantly Pyrénées-Orientales)

  • People: Catalans
    • Proposed state: Unification with Catalonia  — Catalan Countries
      • Political parties: Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya (EFA member), Unitat Catalana (EFA member), Candidatura d'Unitat Popular

Flag of Corsica.svg Corsica

  • People: Corsicans
    • Proposed state: Flag of Corsica.svg Corsica
      • Political party: Corsica Libera

25px Savoy

  • People: Savoyans
    • Proposed state: 25px Savoy
      • Political party: Liga de la Savouè (Savoyan League)

Flag of Occitania.svg Occitania

  • People: Occitans
    • Proposed state: Flag of Occitania.svg Occitania
      • Political party: Partit de la Nacion Occitana

25px Provence

  • People: Provençals (Occitans)
    • Proposed state: 25px Provence
      • Militant group: Front Nacionala Liberacion de Provença (National Liberation Front of Provence)

Flag of Wallonia.svgWallonia

  • People: Walloon

Autonomist movements

Flag of Alsace.svg Alsace

  • People: Alsatians (Allemanics)
    • Proposed autonomous area: Flag of Alsace.svg Alsace
      • Political parties: Elsass Zuerst, Nationalforum Elsass-Lothringen, Unser Land

Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du).svg Brittany

  • People: Bretons
    • Proposed autonomous area: Flag of Brittany (Gwenn ha du).svg Brittany
      • Political party: Unvaniezh Demokratel Breizh (EFA member)

Flag of Corsica.svg Corsica

  • People: Corsicans
    • Proposed autonomous area: Flag of Corsica.svg Corsica
      • Political party: Partitu di a Nazione Corsa (EFA member)

25px County of Nice

  • People: Niçard
    • Proposed autonomous area: 25px County of Nice
      • Political party: Partit Nissart (Parti niçois)


  • People: Normans
    • Proposed autonomous area: 25pxNormandy
      • Political party: Mouvement normand (Normand Movement)

Flag of Savoie.svgSavoy

  • People: Savoyans
    • Proposed autonomous area: Flag of Savoie.svgSavoy
      • Political party: Movement Règion Savouè

Flag of Occitania.svg Occitania

  • People: Occitans
    • Proposed autonomous area: Flag of Occitania.svg Occitania
      • Political parties: Partit Occitan (EFA member), Iniciativa per Occitània, Anaram au Patac, Hartèra


Flag of Corsica.svg Corsica


Breakaway states

Flag of Abkhazia.svgAbkhazia

  • Ethnic group: Abzhaz
    • De facto state with partial de jure recognition: Flag of Abkhazia.svgRepublic of Abkhazia
    • Political organisation: Government of Abkhazia
    • Militant organization: Abkhazia Army

Flag of South Ossetia.svgSouth Ossetia

  • Ethnic group: Ossetians
    • De facto state: with partial de jure recognition:Republic of South Ossetia
    • Political organisation: Government of South Ossetia
    • Militant organization: South Ossetia Army

Proposed merger

Flag of Russia.svgRussian Federation


Secessionist movements


  • People: Bavarians
    • Proposed state: Bavaria (Free State of Bavaria)

Autonomist movements

Flag of East Frisia.svgBavaria East Frisia

  • People: Frisians
    • Proposed autonomous region: East Frisia
      • Political party: Die Friesen

25px Franconia

  • People: Franconians
    • Proposed autonomous area: Franconia

25px Lusatia

  • People: Sorbs
    • Proposed autonomous area: Lusatia
      • Political party: Lusatian Alliance

Flag of Schleswig-Holstein.svg Schleswig-Holstein

  • People: Danish, Frisians
    • Proposed autonomous area: Southern Schleswig
      • Political party: South Schleswig Voter Federation


Secessionist movements

Flag of Sardinia, Italy.svg Sardinia

  • People: Sardinians
    • Proposed state: Flag of Sardinia, Italy.svg Republic of Sardinia
      • Political parties:[Sardinia Nation], Sardinian Action Party, Independence Republic of Sardinia, Project Republic of Sardinia, others
      • Militant organisations: Fronte Nazionale de Liberazione de sa Sardigna (defunct), Movimentu Nazionalista Sardu (defunct), Movimento Armato Sardo (defunct)

Sicilian Flag.svg Sicily

  • People: Sicilians
    • Political parties: Sicilian Independentist Movement, Sicilian Socialist Party, Party of the Sicilians
      • Groups: Sicilian National Front, Sicilia Nazione, Siculan Independence Movement


Breakaway state

Flag of Transnistria.svg Transnistria

  • People: Equal proportions of Russians, Ukrainians and Moldovans
    • De facto state: with partial de jure recognition Flag of Transnistria.svg Transnistria
      • Political organisation: Government of Transnistria
      • Militant organisation: Army of Transnistria


Secessionist movements

Frisian flag.svg Frisia and Flag of Groningen.svg Groningen

  • People: Frisian
    • Proposed autonomous area: Frisia
      • Political party: Frisian National Party, (EFA member)
      • Status: Democratic movement seeking greater autonomy for Frisian-speaking people in Friesland

State mergers

Prinsenvlag.svg Greater Netherlands

State accessions

NL-LimburgVlag.svg Limburg


Separatist Movements

Flag of Veneto.svg Veneto

  • Proposed state: Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice.svg Republic of Venice

State Accessions

Flag of South Tyrol.svg South Tyrol

  • People: South Tyroleans


State Mergers

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

State accessions

Western Isles Council Flag.svg Na h-Eileanan Siar


Secessionist movements

Flag of Andalucía.svg Andalusia

Flag of Aragon.svg Aragon

  • People: Aragonese

Flag of the Balearic Islands.svg Balearic Islands

  • People: Balearics — Catalanics (those with Catalan ancestry)

Flag of the Canary Islands.svg Canary Islands

Flag of Catalonia.svg Catalonia

Flag of Galicia.svg Galicia

Flag of Navarre.svg Navarre

  • People: Navarran or Navarrese (a subgroup of Basque people)

Flag of the Land of Valencia (official).svg Valencia

  • People: Valencians — Catalans (those with Catalan ancestry)


Breakaway states

25px Luhansk Oblast (partially)

  • People: Russian Ukrainians
    • De facto state:

25px Lugansk People's Republic

25px Donetsk Oblast (partially)

Disputed Status

Flag of Crimea.svg Republic of Crimea

25pxCity of Sevastopol

United Kingdom

Secessionist movements

Flag of Wales.svgWales

  • People: Welsh

Northern Ireland

  • People: Ulster Scots
  • People: Irish
    • Proposed state: Unification with Flag of Ireland.svg Ireland


  • People: Londoners
    • Proposed state: London

Autonomist movements

Flag of England.svg England

  • People: English

Flag of Wales.svgWales


Flag of Cornwall.svgCornwall (possibly including the ScillonianCross.svgIsles of Scilly)

  • People: Cornish

Flag of Wessex.svg.pngWessex

  • People: People of Wessex
    • Proposed autonomous area: Flag of Wessex.svg.pngWessex


  • People: People of Yorkshire

North East England or North East Combined Authority area (which excludes Tees Valley)

  • People: People of North East England
    • Proposed autonomous area: North East England or Flag of Northumbria.svg Northumbria

Independence movements of dependant territories

Flag of the Isle of Man.svgIsle of Man

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