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In Australia, a Chief Minister is the head of government of a self-governing territory, while the head of government of a state is a Premier.

The Chief Minister of New Vestfold is appointed by the Administrator, who in normal circumstances will appoint the head of whatever party holds the majority of seats in the legislature of the territory. However, in times of constitutional crisis, the Administrator can appoint someone else as Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister serves a term of three years and may be elected to serve as many terms as they would like.

Name Portrait Term began Term ended Political Party Notes

Sir Arthur Vole

Vole.jpg 1901 1903 Protectionist First Chief Minister of New Vestfold after Australian Federation. Served one term before retiring from politics.
Warren Prescott
WPrescott.jpg 1903 1906 Protectionist First ministry. Elected at the 1903 election. Passed first legislation and is nicknamed 'Uncle Pressy.' Lost 1906 election
Kenny Smith
Trsj.jpeg 1906 1909 United People Passed laws that benefited lower class citizens and was popular amongst the working class. Narrowly lost the 1909 election.
Warren Prescott
WPrescott.jpg 1909 1915 Protectionist Second term. Oversaw the early years of World War I
Sir Faris Leisson
Annex-grant-cary 131.jpg 1915 1918 Progressive First Chief Minister born in New Vestfold. Mustered first New Vestfold Artillery and supported the War effort. Unpopular at end of term.
Oswald Snedden
O.Snedden.jpg 1918 1920 (†) Commonwealth United

Saw the end of New Vestfold's involvement in the War. Began post-war reconstruction.
First Chief Minister to die in office.

Sanford J. Drillman
1920 1927 Commonwealth United Completed Snedden's term before beginning his own. Continued Snedden's reconstruction plan.
V. K. Rustin
1927 1930 Progressive
Sanford J. Drillman
1930 1933 Commonwealth United Second term. Saw early years of the Great Depression. Longest serving Chief Minister.
Daniel Quilt
Daniel Quilt.jpeg 1933 1936 Antarctic Nationalist First term. First Antarctic Nationalist Chief Minister
Sir Herbert Jenkins
Sir Herbert Jenkins.jpeg 1936 1939 Commonwealth United
Daniel Quilt
Daniel Quilt.jpeg 1939 1942 Antarctic Nationalist Second term. Oversaw the beginning of World War II
Y. Maxwell Isaacs
81774785.jpg 1942 1948 Commonwealth United Oversaw the end of the War.
Daniel Quilt
Daniel Quilt.jpeg 1948 1949 (†) Antarctic Nationalist Third term. Died in office. A very popular Chief Minister.
Tristan Opperman
1949 1951 Antarctic Nationalist Completed Quilt's term.
Sir Eustace Singline
70px 1951 1952 Labour/United First Chief Minister born after Australian Federation. Youngest Chief Minister (30) to serve in the 20th century. Only one to be fired by the Administrator.
Grant Ivan Jones
1952 1957 Labour/United Completed Singline's term before begining his own.
Natalie Sidebottom
1957 1966 Antarctic Nationalist First female Chief Minister
Randy Numbulwar
Randy.jpg 1966 1972 (†) Equality Party First Australian Aboriginal Chief Minister. Only one to have been assassinated.
James Earle
1972 1972 Equality Party Completed Numbulwar's term.
John C. Muldoon
1972 1980 Labour/United First Chief Minister to retire.
Wyatt Disraeli
(1919– 2000)
1980 1984 Labour/United Completed Muldoon's term before begining his own. First ethnic-French Chief Minister.
Mili Thompson
(1942– )
1984 1990 Antarctic Nationalist Second female Chief Minister. Oversaw the Green Revolution in New Vestfold.
Bruce Snedden
(1940– )
1990 1993 Labour/United Great grandson of Oswald Snedden.
Edwin Stewart
(1938– )
1993 1999 Antarctic Nationalist
Trevor Barnard
(1939– 2010)
1999 2005 Labor/United
Gulliver Tonkin
(1954– )
2005 2007 Antarctic Nationalist Second to retire.
Frances Mawson
(1983– )
2007 Incumbent Antarctic Nationalist Third female and youngest ever Chief Minister.
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