The Counts and Dukes of Berg are usually dated from the state's emergence from the Kingdom of Lotharingia in the late 11th century.
House of Berge
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Adolf I (1077-1082)
Adolf II (1082-1093)
Adolf III (1093-1132)
Adolf IV (1132-1160)
Engelbert I (1160-1189)
Adolf VI (1189-1218)
Engelbert II, Archbishop of Cologne (Regent) (1218-1225)
Irmgard (1218-1248)
House of Limburg
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Henry I (Henry VI of Limburg) (1218-1247)
Adolf VII (1247-1259)
Adolf VIII (1259-1296)
William I (1296-1308)
Konrad (1308-1345)
William II (1345-1369)
Adolf IX (1369-1407)
William III (1407-1444)
Adolf X (1444-1447)
Henry II (1447-1480)
Adolf X (1480-1511)
Johann I (1511-1541)
House of Neuberg
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Konrad II (1541-1594)
Johann II (1594-1624)
Johann III William (1624-1650)
Johann IV Gustav (1650-1685)
Philip I (1685-1702)
Johann V (1702-1733)
Karl Theodore (1733-1769)
Johann VI Augustus (1769-1804)
House of Baden-Baden
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
William IV (1804-1822)
George (1822-1857)
Johann VII Theodore (1857-1881)
William V Gustav (1881-1906)
Adolf XI (1906-1917)
Adolf XII (1917-1953)
Augustus (1953-1984)
Johann VIII Karl (1984-2006)
Philip II (2006-)
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