Alternative History
List of Despots of Constantinople (Barbarian Empire)
Name Dynasty Nickname Principality Reign Notes
Basil III Monomach-Rurikovich Vidin 1086-1126 First Despot of Constantinople. Grand Prince of Pereyaslavl.
Heraklios III Monomach-Rurikovich The Unmerciful Galatia 1126-1131 Historiographic Co-Emperor with the Rhodians.
Constantine XI Monomach-Rurikovich The Tower-Builder - 1131-1133 Died in Rhodes fighting Nikephoros IV.

List of Emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire (Barbarian Empire)
Name Dynasty Nickname Principality Reign Notes
Nikephoros III Botaneiates Rhodes Seat in Rhodes. Father-in-law to Vladimir Monomach.
Theodore I Mouzakios Rhodes Overthrew Nikephoros III.
Nikephoros IV Mouzakios Rhodes
Theodore II Monomach-Rurikovich The Great Smolensk 1134-1152 Defeated Nikephoros IV to take Throne.
Basil IV Monomach-Rurikovich Long-Arms Crimea 1152- First Elected Emperor.
Alexander I Monomach-Rurikovich The Liberator Trebizond Canonized as St Alexander.
Nikephoros V Monomach-Rurikovich Trebizond Canonized as St Nikephoros.
Andronikos I Petzikopoulos Kaliopolis Gabriel Paleologos and Petros Monomach regents. Assassinated.
Ioannes II Elegemites Cyprus Civil War Usurper. Co-Emperor with Theodore III
Theodore III Elegemites Cyprus Winner of Civil War. Assassinated.
Constantine XII Nikomedian Nikomedia Elected Emperor after Civil War.
Andrew Knytling-Rurikovich Tmutarakan Descendants ruled Tripoli.
Nikephoros VI Monomach-Rurikovich Kiev Son in Law of Andrew Knytling. Tsar of Kiev.
Heraklios III Monomach-Rurikovich Kiev Assassinated. Personal holdings pass to descendants.