Alternative History

A partial list of the Emperors of Japan, beginning with the Toyotomi era.

Emperors of the Toyotomi Era

Personal Name Posthumous Name Reign Life Quampaku Sexxô
Michifito Ôgimachi 1557-1586 1517-1593 Fideyoxi
Katafito Go-Yózei 1586-1611 1572-1617 Fideyoxi, Fidecugu
Kotofito Go-Mizunoo 1611-1675 1596-1680 Fideyori, Fidenaga, Fideaki
Satofito Reigen 1675-1705 1654-1732 Fideaki, Fidefiro
Asafito Higaxiyama 1705-1710 1675-1710 Fidefiro
Yasufito Kômon 1710-1737 1702-1737 Fidefiro, Fidefi Fidefiro

Emperors of the Post-Toyotomi Era

After 1735, the Quampaku was appointed by the Emperor for 5-year terms, with reduced powers. Quampaku of this era can be found here.

Personal Name Posthumous Name Reign Life
Terufito Go-Kômon 1737-1750 1720-1750
Fidefito Go-Kôtoku 1750-1818 1746-1820
Firofito Go-Quammu 1818-1860 1778-1860
Yoxifito Meiji 1860-1889 1805-1889
Kotofito 1889-1907 1831-1907
Chikafito 1907-1910 1835-1910
Motofito 1910-1935 1862-1935
Masafito 1935-1958 1871-1958
Mikifito 1958-1993 1902-1993
Michifito 1993-2002 1931-2002
Tôfito N/A 2002- 1951-

The line of Emperors begins to diverge from our timeline after Go-Kômon, who took a wife from the Toyotomi family, shortly after the later lost control of the Quampakate. The Toyotomi continued to hold many important positions in the government, however, even if they had lost the most important one.