Alternative History

This List of Governors of Alaska is only of those since Doomsday:

  1. 1982-1987 Bill Sheffield (D). Since Juneau was not hit, the residing governor would be in place and would have brought order out of chaos. He held onto his office without opposition in 1986, serving until the APA took over the administration of the state.
  2. 1987-1995 Steve McAlpine (D). As the youngest person ever elected to executive office in Alaska, Lt. Governor McAlpine is retained by the APA as the Assistant to President Bush in administering the vast resources of the state. He was instrumental, as well, in achieving peace with the USSR.
  3. 1995-2004 Jack Goghill (I). Mayor of Nenana, Alaska, when Fairbanks (40 miles away) was bombed, Coghill oversaw the refugees from the bombed city. A strong survivor, he lead the isolated city through the worst years the state had ever seen. Emerging on the scene as a powerful and charismatic leader as the APA dissolved, he was the natural choice for first governor of the new "Free State" of Alaska. As a member of the Alaskan Independent Party, his administration proved ideal for the new government.
  4. 2005-2012. Fran Ulmer (D). As mayor of Juneau on Doomsday, Ms. Ulmer had proved an able administrator. She had served the APA government from 1987 to 1995, returning to civilian life as a teacher at the University of Alaska in Juneau. However, the Democrat party persuaded her to run for governor in 2004. Winning a hard fought race against native Alaskan Loren Lehman, she became the first female governor of Alaska. She won re-election in 2008.
  5. 2012-Present.  Loren Lehman (R).  With a rise in interest in making connections with the emerging United States, the Republican party worked hard to put a native Alaskan in a position of influence.  A natural choice was retired politician and now full-time civil engineer working on rebuilding the former capital and Anchorage, Lehman was reluctant to rejoin the fray.  However, convinced that the Democrat Party was on the wrong track, he ran and was elected in a tight race.