The Grand Princes of Vladimir are normally dated from the rule of Andrei I whose father Yuri I had shifted power from Kiev to Sudzal in the 1130s. The title itself became the senior title of the various Kievan Rus' states and although it would remain within the Rurik dynasty as time went on it would be intensely fought by different branches, most notably those in Tver and Moscow.
Grand Dukes of Vladimir
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Andrei I (1157-1174)
Mikhail I (1174)
Yaropolk (1174-1175)
Mikhail I (1175-1176)
Vsevolod III (1176-1212)
Yuri II (1212-1216)
Konstantin (1216-1218)
Yuri II (1218-1238)
Yaroslav II (1238-1246)
Sviatoslav III (1246-1248)
Mikhail Khorobit (1248)
Sviatoslav III (1248-1249)
Andrey II (1249-1252)
Alexander I Nevsky (1252-1263)
Yarolsav III (1264-1271)
Vasily of Kostroma (1272-1277)
Dmitry of Pereslavl (1277-1281)
Andrey III (1281-1283)
Dmitry of Pereslavl (1283-1293)
Andrey III (1293-1304)
Michael of Tver (1304-1318)
Yuri III of Moscow (1318-1322)
Ivan of Moscow (1322-1323)

The heirs of Michael of Tver, his sons, conspire to remove the upstart Muscovite Ivan I and convince their nominal overlord, the Mongol Khan, to destroy Moscow. With the Mongols' approval Dmitry the eldest, takes Vladimir, his brother Alexander, Tver. They agree to share the title of Grand Prince, Vladimir's senior status is therefore removed, greatly enhancing the brothers' security and reducing the Rurik dynasty's infighting.

Rurik Dynasty
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Dmitry I (1323-1351)
Konstantin I (1351-1369)
Andrei I (1369-1374)
Feodor I (1374-1402)
Ivan I (1402-1416)
Alexander I (1416-1439)
Alexander II (1439-1470)
Feodor II (1470-1482)
Yelizaveta I (1482-1503)

Yelizaveta I's reign ends the direct Rurik line in Vladimir. Her nephew-in-law Ivan II is offered the crown by a Boyar council.

Baryatinsky Dynasty
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Ivan II (1503-1526)
Ivan III (1526)
Dmitri (1526-1529)
Ivan III (1529-1537)
Vasili I (1537-1549)
Ivan IV (1549-1570)
Vasili II (1570-1588)
Feodor III (1588-1604)
Nataliya (1604-1610)

After Feodor III's death his wife Nataliya seizes the throne on behalf of their son Peter. However after six years of erratic rule and famine the queen and her son are removed and replaced by Peter I Odoyevsky. The younger Peter attempts a rebellion in 1621 but this fails and he is executed.

Odoyevsky Dynasty
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Peter I (1610-1637)
Simeon I (1637-1645)
Peter II (1645-1690)
Ivan V (1690-1725)
Alexi (1725-1741)
Peter III (1741-1777)
Yelizaveta II (1777-1783)
Alexander III (1783-1809)
Peter IV (1809-1827)
Alexander IV (1827-1859)
Nikolai I (1859-1874)
Nikolai II (1874-1913)
Alexandra (1913-1915)
Peter V (1915-1930)
Peter VI (1930-1948)
Simeon II (1948-1987)
Simeon III (1987-)
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