Grand Vizier of the Dravidian Empire
since 1804

The Grand Vizier of the Dravidian Empire (Deccani: Vezir-i Azam or Sadr-ı Azam (Sadrazam), Telegu: Grand Vijiyar ; Deccani: صدر اعظم or وزیر اعظم, Telegu: గ్రాండ్ విజియర్) is the de facto prime minister of the Emperor in the Dravidian Emperor, with absolute power of attorney and, in principle, dismissible only by the Emperor himself.. He holds the imperial seal and can convene all other viziers to attend to affairs of the state in the Grand Assembly; with the conferences generally held at the Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad.

During the nascent phases of the Dravidian state, "Vizier" was the only title used. The first of these Dravidian Viziers who was titled "Grand Vizier" was Sadullah Khan Khan (also known as Sadullah the Treacherous). The purpose in instituting the title "Grand Vizier" was to distinguish the holder of the Emperor's seal from other viziers. The initially more frequently used title of vezir-i âzam was gradually replaced by sadrazam, both meaning grand vizier in practice. Throughout Dravidian history, the grand viziers have also been termed vezir-ı ala ('high vizier'), mutlak-i vaqeel ('absolute attorney'), riyasat-i hamil ('holder of the state'), rehmdil jernail ('gracious general'), buzurg jernail ('grand general'), and pradhan mantri, literally "prime minister" in Telegu.

Grand Viziers of the Dravidian Empire

# Name Reign Ethnicity Religion Remarks
Years Appointed by
1 Sadullah Khan 1785 - 1800
15 years
Haider Telegu Islam Appointed as the first Grand Vizier
2 Gangadhar Rao 1800 - 1801
1 year
Ziyad Tamil Hindu
3 Prithviraj Shinde 1801 - 1804
3 years
4 Farrukhsiyar 1804 - ???
??? years
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