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Adolf Friedrich, (10 October 1873 – 5 August 1969) Duke of Mecklenburg was offered the crown of the Baltic State by the regency council formed in 1918. He assumed the throne and ruled until his death in 1969. He left no male issue. Under the succession laws in place at the time, the Grand Ducal crown, would have passed to the then Grand Duke of Mecklenberg-Schwerin. The Baltic Landeswehr did not wish to become in personal union with the Grand Duchy of Mecklenberg-Schwerin, and appointed a new Regency Council, which changed the succession laws to pass through the direct heir, in this case daughter of Adolf Friedrich, in what came to be known as the "Pragmatic Sanction of 1969." Grand Duchess Woizlawa-Feodora's son, Heinrich, Prince of Reuß zu Köstritz is the heir apparent.

Predecessor: Woizlawa-Feodora Mecklenberg (EEC) Successor:
Adolf Friedrich (1918-1969) Woizlawa-Feodora

Grand Duchess of Baltic Grand Duchy

Heinrich (Heir apparent)

[[List of s and Grand Duchesses of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Reuß-Köstritz (EEC)|]] of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Reuß-Köstritz


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