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This is the list if the kings of Greater Carolina who have taken power peacefully or by force.


Smith Dynasty

# King Took Power Lost Power Notes
1 Thomas Smith March 14, 1908 May 5, 1936 Establishment of the monarchy and creation of the Kingdom of Carolina.
2 Harris Smith May 5, 1936 January 1, 1953 Signed the unification treaty with Chareston, creating the kingdom of Greater Carolina
3 Harris Smith II January 1, 1953 August 13, 1960 Was ousted out of power, ending the reign of the Smith Dynasty

Clark Dynasty

# King Took Power Lost Power Notes
1 Stephanus Clark August 16, 1960 April 9, 1972
2 Robert Clark April 9, 1972 July 23, 1973 Died from the Tuberculosis Outbreak of '73.
3 Steven Clark January 23, 1973 September 11, 1990
4 Nicholas Clark September 11, 1990 November 4, 2005 Gave the people more freedom, after signing the New Deal to give the people more personal and privacy rights.

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