The Kings and Queens of Aragon are usually dated from Ramiro I's decisive split of his lands away from Navarre.
House of Jiménez
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Ramiro I (1035-1063)
Sancho Ramírez (1063-1094)
Peter I (1094-1104)
Alfonso I (1104-1134)
Ramiro II (1134-1137)
Petronilla (1137-1164)

Patronilla's marriage to Ramon Berenguer IV of Barcelona unites Aragon and Barcelona.

House of Barcelona
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Alfonso II (1164-1196)
Peter II (1196-1213)
James I Chaime I d'Aragón (1213-1276)
James II Chaime II d'Aragón (1276-1301)
Peter III Pietro III d'Aragón (1301-1320)
James III Alifonso IV d'Aragón (1320-1367)
John I Pietro IV d'Aragón (1367-1369)
John II Chuan I d'Aragón (1369-1402)
Peter IV Alifonso V-el-Magnanimo (1402-1423)
Joanna I Juan de Flandes 003 (1423-1450)
House of Barcelona-Roussillon
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
John III (1450-1461)
James IV (1461-1489)
John IV (1489-1540)
John V (1540-1573)
John VI (1573-1600)
Alfonso III (1600-1633)
John VII (1633-1649)
John VIII (1649-1673)
James V (1673-1701)
Catherine (1701-1706)

Catherine's insanity is hushed up and she is effectively sidelined with her son James acting as regent until he can assume the crown himself. Catherine would die in 1708.

House of Barcelona-Montpellier
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
James VI (1706-1715)
John IX (1715-1722)

Catherine's two sons are little mourned and their cousin John, Count of Gévaudan is semi-elected to the throne as John IX lies dying.

House of Barcelona-Gévaudan
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
John X (1722-1747)
John XI (1747-1780)
Peter V (1780-1813)
John XII (1813-1838)
Peter VI (1838-1874)
Alfonso IV (1874-1895)
Peter VII (1895-1914)
Joanna II Joanna II Aragon (The Kalmar Union) (1914-1950)
House of Barcelona-Gévaudan-Eiriksson
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
James VII (1950-1987)
Peter VIII (1987-)
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