The Kings and Queens of Naples are usually dated from its forced union with the Norman Kingdom of Sicily in 1137. Prior to this it was merely one of several duchies on the lower Italian peninsula.
House of Hautville
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Roger II (1137-1154)
William I (1154-1166)
William II (1166-1189)
Tancred (1189-1194)
William III (1193-1194)
Constance (1194-1198)
House of Hohenstaufen
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Henry I

Emperor Henry VI

Henry VI HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1194-1197)
Frederick I

Emperor Frederick II

Frederick II HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1212-1250)
Conrad I Seal of Conrad IV of Germany (1250-1254)
Frederick III Sokolik (1254-1263)
Conradin 640px-Konradin (1263-1268)

After the death of Conrad his son-in-law Charles of Bezier, with Papal approval and probably forging Conrad's will, usurps the throne from his wife.

House of Bezier
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Charles I Alphonse de Poitiers 01 (1268-1293)
John I (1293-1304)
Charles II (1304-1349)
Charles III (1349-1368)
Louis I (1368-1400)
Charles IV (1400-1422)

Almost 40 years after losing Sicily to Aragon, Naples falls to Peter IV.

House of Barcelona
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Peter I (1422-1423)
Joanna (1423-1450)
James I (1423-1445)
James II (1445-1467)
Martin I (1467-1488)
James III (1488-1502)
Peter II (1502-1514)
James IV (1514-1529)
Isabella I (1529-1533)

James IV's desperate attempts to hold onto Naples led him to promise the throne and his daughter's hand to various local powers. Added to this a web of marriages has extended claims. On Isabella's death the kingdom is claimed by Sicily, Aragon, Luxembourgois Hungary, France and Auvergne. Austria would also wade into this while the Papacy used the shifting alliances to its own ends. Eventually France secures the succession and places the Duke of Alençon and his Luxembourg wife on throne to rule jointly.

House of Capet-Luxembourg
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Charles V & Louise (1576-1593)
James V (1593-1627)
Martin II (1627-1649)
Martin III (1649-1670)

In the knowledge his death will most likely start another succession war, Martin III joins Naples to the Holy Roman Empire, thereby guaranteeing his niece's succession.

House of Caserta
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Isabella II (1670-1696)
House of Hapsburg
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Charles VI (1696-1734)
Francis I (1734-1743)
Francis II (1743-1761)
Maria Amalia (1761-1799)
House of Ravensburg-Naples
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Louis II (1799-1821)
Louis III (1821-1840)
Charles VII (1840-1865)
Francis III (1865-1897)
Philip (1897-1903)
Francis IV (1903-1924)
Charles VIII (1924-1948)
James VI (1948-1977)
Francis V (1977-2000)
Helen Maria (2000-)
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