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Coat of Arms of Poland-Lithuania

The Kings of Poland-Lithuania are normally dated from the legendary founder of Poland, Lech. however the country spent many centuries fractured under the rule of various dukes. This list therefore begins with the reunification of the state under Przemysl II in 1295. For many years the crown was elected and any noble, Polish, Lithuanian or foreign was eligible. Although most noble privileges were revoked in the 17th century many subsequent heirs were vetoed by the Sejm.

As there is no provision in the Polish-Lithuanian constitution for the role of 'Queen' the four women who have been head of state over the years have all been crowned 'King'.

Monarch Family Portrait Dates of Rule
Przemsyl II Piast Przemysl II (1295-1296)
Wenceslaus II Premyslid Codex Manesse Wenzel II. von Böhmen (1300-1305)
Wenceslaus III Premyslid
Wladyslaw I Piast Wladyslaw I (The Kalmar Union) (1320-1333)
Casimir III Piast Casimir III (The Kalmar Union) (1333-1370)
Jan (John) I Bezier John I Hungary (The Kalmar Union) (1370-1382)
Jadwiga Bezier Simmler Queen Jadwiga's oath (1382-1399)
Wladyslaw II Jagiellonian (1386-1434)
Wladyslaw III Jagiellonian (1434-1467)
Bolesaw VI Piast-Mazovia (1467-1480)
Alexander I Jagiellonian (1480-1508)
Sigismund I Nassau (1508-1543)
Anna I Nassau Anna I Poland (The Kalmar Union) (1543-1560)
Sigismund II Jagiellonian (1560-1587)
Stephen I Zamoyska (1587-1588)
Jan II Hapsburg (1588-1604)
Wladyslaw IV Jagiellonian (1604-1620)
Jan III Jagieollonian (1620-1634)
Augustus Jagiellonian (1634-1687)
Anna II Jagiellonian (1687-1695)
Stephen II Jablonowski (1695-1732)
Michael I Wettin (1702-1711)
Jan IV Jablonowski (1732-1756)
Sigismund III Jablonowski (1756-1764)
Alexander II Bayreuth (1764-1766)
Konstancja Zolkiewski Konstancja of Poland (The Kalmar Union) (1766-1787)
Sigismund IV Bayreuth (1787-1799)
Stephen III Bayreuth (1799-1836)
Stanislaw I Bayreuth (1836-1860)
Stanislaw II Bayreuth (1860-1885)
Sigismund V Zamoyska (1885-1922)
Stanislaw III Zamoyska (1922-1946)
Jan V Zamoyska (1946-1987)
Jan VI Zamoyska (1987-1989)
Stephen IV Zamoyska (1989-)
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