The Kings and Queens of Wessex are normally dated from King Egbert's rule.

Rulers were styled:

  • 'Bretwalda' (829-927)
  • 'Rex Anglorum' (927-1016) until division of England into Wessex and Anglia.
  • Rex Saxonum' (1016-1207) until inheritance of Normandy
  • 'King of Wessex & Duke of Normandy' (1207-1502) until Act of Union
  • King of Wessex-Normandy (1502-)
House of Wessex
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Egbert Egbert - MS Royal 14 B V (802-839)
Aethelwulf Aethelwulf - MS Royal 14 B VI (839-856)
Aethelbald Aethelbald (856-860)
Aethelberht Aethelberht - MS Royal 14 B VI (860-865)
Aethered I Ethelred coin (865-871)
Alfred the Great AlfredTheGreat (871-899)
Edward I Edward the Elder - MS Royal 14 B VI (899-924)
Aethelstan the Glorious Athelstan (924-939)
Edmund I Edmund I Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (939-946)
Eadred Eadred (946-955)
Eadwig Eadwig (955-959)
Edgar I Edgar (959-975)
Edward II the Martyr Edward II Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (975-978)
Aethelred II Aethelred II (The Kalmar Union) (978 - 1013)
House of Denmark
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Sweyn I Forkbeard (Sweyn I of Denmark-Viken) Sweyn Forkbeard (1013-1014)
House of Wessex
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Aethelred II Aethelred II (The Kalmar Union) (1014-1016)
Edmund II Ironside Edmund Ironside - MS Royal 14 B VI (1016-1031)
Edward III (1031-1057)
Edgar II (1057-1125)
Henry I (1125-1170)
Edmund III Offa head (1170-1188)
Matilda I Matilda I (The Kalmar Union) (1188-1198)
House of Blois
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Theobold of Blois & Matilda I (1198-1214)
Henry II (1214-1253)
Edmund IV (1253-1260)
Robert I (1260-1267)
Edward IV (1267-1301)
Robert II (1301-1323)
Alix (1323-1354)
House of Somerset
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
William I (1354-1371)
William II (1371-1400)
William III (1400-1433)
Edward V (1433-1467)
Edgar III (1467-1481)
William IV (1481-1517)
Hugh I (1517-1540)
Hugh II Hugh II Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1540-1546)
Edmund V (1546-1566)
Matilda II Matilda II (The Kalmar Union) (1566-1568)

Matilda II is suspected of being a Lutheran and is usurped by her cousin Henry, Duke of Monmouth beginning the Wessex War of Religion between the Royalists and various Lutheran dukes (with considerable Cornish and Welsh support). She is executed in 1570.

House of Gloucester
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Henry III Henry III Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1568-1588)
Thomas I Thomas I Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1588-1613)
Edward VI Edward VI Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1613-1649)
Henry IV (1649-1667)
Thomas II (1667)
Edmund VI (1667-1688)
Henry V (1688-1711)
Henry VI Henry VI Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1711-1730)
Edmund VII Edmund VII Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1730-1759)
Henry VII (1759-1793)
William V (1793-1832)
Edward VII (1832-1844)
Henry VIII Henry VIII Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1844-1882)
Henry IX Henry IX Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1882-1911)
Edmund VIII (1911-1914)
Frederick I (1914-1950)
Henry X Henry X Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (1950-2002)
Frederick II Frederick II Wessex (The Kalmar Union) (2002-)

Dukes of Normandy

House of Rollo
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Rollo (Hrólfr) (911-927)
William I Longsword (927-942)
Richard I (942-997)
Richard II the Good (996-1027)
Richard III (1027)
Robert I the Magnificent (1027-1035)
William II the Bastard (1035-1087)
Robert II (1087-1106)
William III (1106-1154)
William IV (1154-1183)
Robert III (1183-1206)

On the death of Robert III the Duchy of Normandy is inherited by the future Henry II via his mother Matilda I, but is effectively ruled by her husband Theobald of Blois, triggering the Twenty Years War.


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