Although we may not admit it, history is defined by events that killed large numbers of people. Whether it's slavery, colonization, despots or world conquerors, the most pivotal moments of history function as a race for the ranks in an ever-increasing scale of death tolls. As the most detailed community timeline on the wiki (Principia Moderni IV), we can not ignore the same morbid statistics that contribute to our history.

multicide is a man-made event that kills multiple people, or multiple events from the same source. This is sometimes called a genocide; however, the technical definition of a genocide is a very narrow term only used officially on two occasions: World War Two and the Rwanda Genocide. 

In OTL, the top 100 largest multicides in history all killed over 300,000 people (such as the Social War), and goes up to 66 million people (in the Second World War). About half are over one million in death toll and the other half are less than one million. In general, multicides that come from the same source are linked together: the French Revolution is part of the Napoleonic Wars, the Armenian Genocide is part of the First World War, and the Holocaust is part of the Second World War. However, if the events are too random and sporadic they can be separated. For instance, the Muslim Conquest of India from the 10th-18th centuries AD killed 45 million people, but because of how random and inconsistent it was it's not included on the top 100. Also, the various conflicts with fascism and communism in the first one-half of the 20th century (the Hemoclysm) is sometimes thought to be one event that killed 150 million people, but this is also not included. 

The following is a list of multicides that fit within the PMIV universe. Due to the nature of the list, only include multicides that kill over 300,000 people. Sometimes, even a very brutal or terrifying war can result in a small death toll, thus not making the list. Try to keep events that are closely-related grouped together. Although many entries on this list will be military conflicts, this isn't a glorified algo archive (we have a separate page for that). Try to be broad and creative. For the "who gets the blame" column, think of just one individual who is associated with the conflict, even if he didn't do much himself (for example, Christopher Columbus is responsible for the Colonization of the Americas, even though he didn't kill many himself). If no one immediately comes to mind, just leave it blank.

For the classification column, you can put whatever you want there, but here are some general bins I use for the list (you can also use combinations if necessary):

  • World Conqueror: One guy waging external wars bent on global domination (think: Alexander the Great)
  • Ethnic Civil War: A large-scale conflict in the nation where the broad dividing line is over ethnic, linguistic or religious reasons (think: the Social War)
  • Dynastic Dispute: A large-scale conflict based mostly on the reason of who should succeed to the throne (think: the Hundred Years War)
  • Failed State: The nation straight up collapses for a variety of reasons, either breaking up in smaller pieces or being conquered by a larger force (think: the Fall of the Western Roman Empire)
  • Ritual Killing: People are routinely, or even voluntarily killed during peace time for religious or ritualistic reasons (think: Aztec Human Sacrifice)
  • Religious War: Military conflict mostly based on just one religion is better than the other (think: the Crusades)
  • Peasant Revolt: An oppressed lower class of society (peasants, serfs or slaves) fights back (think: Severan Wars)
  • Despot: A tyrant slaughters people who get in his way, or just people who are opposed to his modernization (think: Qin Shi Huang)
  • Commercial Exploitation: People dying by being in the way of economic enterprises, such as slavery or colonization (think: the Colonization of the Americas)
  • Hegemonial War: Two or more nations of roughly equal power go to war over mostly territorial reasons (think: Second Punic War)
  • Clash of Cultures: An empire expanding in unfamiliar territory winds up at war with the natives over vast cultural differences (think: Greco-Persian Wars)
  • Ethnic Cleansing: An unpopular or dangerous minority is wiped out from the nation, or almost is, usually during peacetime (think: Cromwell's Invasion of Ireland)

Before 1400 AD

These multicides completely concluded before the game began, and so are fixed on the top 100 list. 

Name Death Toll Dates Participating Nations Classification Who gets blamed?
Genghis Khan 40 million 1206-1227 Mongol Empire, Jin Dynasty, Western Xia Dynasty, Liao Dynasty, Khwarazmian Empire, Kingdom of Georgia, Kievan Rus', Bulgaria, and other Central Asian states World Conqueror Genghis Khan
An Lushan Rebellion 13 million 755-763 AD Tang Dynasty Ethnic Civil War An Lushan
Xin Dynasty Ten million 9-23 AD Han Dynasty Dynastic Dispute Wang Mang
Fall of the Mongol Empire 7.5 million 1340-1370 Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Chagatai Khanate, Golden Horde, and other Central Asian states Failed State Zhu Yuanzhang
Fall of the Western Roman Empire Seven million 395-455 AD Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Gothic Kingdom, Gaul, Hunnic Empire, Exarchate of Africa, Visigoth Spain, Kingdom of Britons, and other Western European states Failed State Attila the Hun
Three Kingdom Period of China 4.1 million 189-280 AD Kingdoms of Shu, Wei, and Wu, Han Dynasty, Jin Dynasty Failed State Cao Cao
Gladiatorial Games 3.5 million 264 BC-455 AD Roman Republic, Roman Empire Ritual Killing
Crusades Three million 1095-1291 Fatimid Caliphate, Ayyobud Sultanate, Mamluk Sultanate, Seljuk Sultanate, Sultanate of Rum, Byzantine Empire, Kingdom of Armenia, Kingdom of Jerusalem, Papal States, Kingdom of France, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of England, Republic of Venice, and other European states Religious War Pope Urban II
Fang La Rebellion Two million 1120-1122 Song Dynasty Peasant Revolt Chu Mien
Age of Warring States 1.5 million 475-221 BC Zhou Dynasty, Qin Dynasty, States of Jin, Qi, Tian, Wei, Shang, Chu, Yue, Han, Yan, Zhao, and other states of China Failed State
Qin Shi Huang Di One million 221-210 BC Qin Dynasty Despot Shi Huang
Servile Wars One million 134-71 BC Roman Republic Peasant Revolt Spartacus
Mayan Collapse One million 790-909 AD Teotihuacan, Copán, Chichen, and many other Mesoamerican states Failed state
Albigensian Crusade One million 1208-1229 Kingdom of France, County of Toulouse Religious War Simon de Montfort
Hulagu Khan 800,000 1255-1265 Mongol Empire, Ilkhanate, Seljuk Sultanate, Abbasid Caliphate, Aleppo, Ayyobid Sultanate, other Middle Eastern states World Conqueror Hulagu Khan
Second Punic War 770,000 218-201 BC Roman Republic, Carthaginian Empire, Aetolian League, Pergamon, Syracuse, Macedon, Numidia Hegemonial War Hannibal Barca
Justinian 750,000 527-565 AD Byzantine Empire, Sassanid Empire, Exarchate of Africa, Gothic Kingdom, other Mediterranean states Despot Justinian I
Gallic War 700,000 58-51 BC Roman Republic, Kingdom of Britons World Conqueror Julius Caesar
Goguryeo-Sui Wars 600,000 598-612 AD Goguryeo, Sui Dynasty Clash of Cultures Gao Jiong
Alexander the Great 500,000 336-323 BC Macedonian Empire, Achaemenid Empire, Thessaly World Conqueror Alexander III
Bahmani-Vijayanager War 500,000 1347-1366 Bahmani Sultanate, Vijayanager Empire Clash of Cultures Ala-ud-Din
First Punic War 400,000 264-241 BC Roman Republic, Carthaginian Empire, Kingdom of Syracuse Hegemonial War Hamilcar Barca
Third Mithradatic War 400,000 73-63 BC Roman Republic, Kingdom of Pontus, Kingdom of Armenia, Bithnyia Hegemonial War Mithridates VI
Roman-Jewish Wars 350,000 66-135 AD Roman Empire, Kingdom of Judea Religious War John of Giscala
Second Persian War 300,000 480-479 AD Achaemenid Empire, Athens, Sparta, Thrace, Macedon, Thessaly, and other states of Greece Clash of Cultures Xerxes I
Social War 300,000 91-88 BC Roman Republic Ethnic Civil War Gaius Marius

Ongoing in 1400 AD

These multicides were still going on at the time the game began, and finished during the game. Thus, it is possible some of the death toll and dates were altered in the game. I have tried to estimate the differences myself, but the actual players can double-check for me.

Name Death Toll Dates Participating Nations Classification Who gets blamed?
Hindu-Muslim Wars 38 million
(OTL 45 million)
997 AD - ongoing Ummayyad Caliphate, Ghaznavid Sultanate, Delhi Sultanate, Timurid Empire, Vijayanager Empire, Bahmani SultanateBengal Sultanate, Abbasid Caliphate, Rashidun Caliphate, Gurkani Sultanate, Aryavarta Empire, Punjab Confederacy, Deccan Sultanate, and other South Asian States Religious War
Tamerlane 17 million 1370-1405 Timurid Empire, Delhi Sultanate, Mamluk Sultanate, Gurkani Sultanate, Golden Horde, Ghagatai Khanate, Principality of Moscow, Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, Northern Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty World Conqueror Timur
Muslim Slave Trade 16 million

(OTL 18.5 million)

600 AD-ongoing Rashidun Caliphate, Ummayyad Caliphate, Abbasid Caliphate, Sultanate of Swahili, Sultanate of Oman, Benin Empire, Mali Empire, Sultanate of Morocco, Gurkani Sultanate, Mamluk Sultanate, Ottoman Empire, and other states in Africa and Middle East Commercial Exploitation
Hundred Years War 2.4 million
(OTL 3.5 million)
1337-1417 (OTL 1337-1453) Kingdom of England, Duchy of Burgundy, Duchy of Brittany, Holy Roman Empire, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of Aragon, and other states of Western Europe Dynastic Dispute

After 1400 AD with OTL Counterparts

These multicides started during the game, but were based on OTL events elsewhere on the 100 list. This is usually due to the causes of the multicide already existing when the game began, and so there is no way to prevent them from happening. (The best example of this is the Aztec Human Sacrifice. It started in 1435, but the culture and religion of the Aztecs was already there). Other times, of course, the event has an OTL counterpart just for the sake of having it :)

NOTE: If your event has an OTL counterpart, but the counterpart killed less than 300,000 people, it belongs on the next list below, not this one. 

NOTE: If your event was entered incorrectly, you are responsible to fix it.

Name Death Toll Dates Participants Classification Who gets blamed?
Korean Conquest of China 40 million 1627-1649 Jin dynasty, Tan dynasty,
Kingdom of Tali,
Dynastic dispute (inc. failed state, ethnic cleansing) Kim Seothae;
Korean Royal Army; General Sui Wuseung and other defectors
Atlantic Slave Trade Eight million 1416-ongoing Kingdoms of England, France, Iberia, Castile, Portugal, Burgundy, Sultanate of Morocco, Empire of Benin, Sultanate of Zayiyr Commercial Exploitation
Anglo-Burgundian Wars 7.5 million 1573-ongoing Kingdoms of BurgundyEnglandFranceIberia, Sicily, Scandinavian Empire, Holy Roman Empire, Republic of Venice, Iroquois Confederacy, Shawnee alliance Hegemonial War
Time of Troubles Five million 1585-1592 Tsardom of Russia Dynastic Dispute False Dmitri et al
Colonization of America Three million 1499-ongoing Kingdoms of PortugalIberiaBurgundy,
EnglandFranceScandinavian Empire, Sultanate of Morocco, League of Mayapan, Aztec Empire, Mapuche, Iroquois, Shawnee, and other American states
Commercial Exploitation Laurence Bonapaart
Great Turkish War Three million 1632-1646 Ottoman Empire, Tsardom of Belka, Rashidun Caliphate, Sultanate of Morocco, Tsardom of Russia Religious War Vasili III
Hitlerite War Three million 1602-1619 Papal States, Lombardy, Republic of Venice, Duchy of Austria, Kingdom of France, Tsardom of Belka, Holy Roman Empire Religious War Adolphus Hitler
Aztec Human Sacrifice 1.2 million 1445-1539 Aztec Empire, Totonacapan, Toltec Empire, and other Mexican states Ritual Killing
Bengal-Burma Wars 900,000 1417-1643 Sultanate of Bengal, Kingdom of Kochi, Kingdom of Assam, Kingdom of Burma, Kingdom of Pegu Hegemonial War Al-Baiyan
Chinese Conquest of Vietnam 700,000 1529 Ming Dynasty, Kingdom of Dai Viet Clask of Cultures Emperor Nuwa
Russo-Tartar War 500,000 1521-1523 Kingdom of Poland, Tsardom of Russia, Astrakhan Khanate Clash of Cultures Alexios I
English Civil War 400,000 1599-1610 Kingdom of England Dynastic Dispute Nigel Farage
Great European War Seven million 1854-1859 Belka, Great Britain, France, Russia, Burgundy, Iberia, Japan, Egypt, Scandinavia, Prussia, Germany, Bohemia, Poland, China, Rhine Federation, and other states in Central Europe Hegemonial War Napoleon II
British Famines in India 10.1 million 1870-1890 Great Britain, British Colonial India, Sultanate of Bengal, Dravidian Empire Commercial Exploitation
Great War 30-35 Million 1913-1921 Varies by Nation

John Custer
"Brothers" Draculesti (In Belka)
Maxime Weygand

After 1400 AD with no OTL Counterpart

This list is for any other interesting multicide you commit, straight from your own imagination. Some events on this list do have OTL counterparts, but those counterparts had a very small death count in OTL. 

A full list will be created when there are a total of 100, and then updated thereafter. 

Name Death Toll Dates Participating Nations Classification Who gets blamed?
Hui genocide Ten million late 1600s (de facto) Jin dynasty Ethnic cleansing Kim Seokdu, General Fu Zhouse
Fall of the Abbasid Dynasty 2.2 million 1574-1598 Abbasid Caliphate, Rashidun Caliphate Ethnic Civil War Mansur II
South Slavic Unification 1.3 million 1359-1620 Tsardom of Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire, Kingdom of Greece, Byzantine Empire, Kingdom of Italy, Kingdom of Bohemia, Republic of Venice (accidental?) Ethnic Cleansing
Bulgarian Civil War 650,000 1580-1615 Tsardom of Bulgaria Ethnic Civil War Aleksy Draculesti
Arab-Ethiopian War 500,000 1551-1555 Abbasid Caliphate, Empire of Ethiopia, Kingdom of Oromo, Swahili Sultanate Clash of Cultures Rahim I
Bini Deportations 1.1 million 1413 -ongoing Benin Ethnic Cleansing
Belkan War of Succession 350,000 1679-1682 Tsardom of Belka Dynastic Dispute
Russian Civil War 7.5 million 1702-1711 Tsardom of Russia Political Civil War
Fall of the Rashidun Caliphate One million 1703-1718 Rashidun Caliphate, Ethiopian Empire, Swahili Sultanate, Sultanate of Oman, Shahdom of Iran, Sultanate of Cyprus, Sultanate of Maghreb, Oromo people Failed State Theodore Iyasu
Purge of Suspected Individuals 400,000 1720-1723 Al-Afriqia State, Kongolese people. Failed State

Dhaakir el-Ghaffari

Rape of Mali 500,000 1734-1736 Sultanate of Maghreb, Mali Hegemonial War General Alisar Pasha
Massacre of Ratnagiri 650,000 1792 Empire of Dravidia, Maratha Kingdoms Ritual Killing Haider Shah Agran
Swahili Civil War (and the Great Retribution, The Wimbi Kubwa (Great Wave)) 9.5 million
(Three million slaves, 2.5 million from the Wimbi Kubwa, One million from the Great Retribution)
1783-1802 Royalist Swahili, Fundamentalist Swahili Ethnic Civil War, Religious War Sultan Nyo, Zakia, Sultan Khalfani, Azizi
Arab-Slavic War 1.1 million 1792-1801 Empire of Russia, Ethiopian Empire, Kingdom of Pontus, Belkan Federation, Jaffarid Sultanate, Young Turks, Kingdom of Egypt, Great Britain, Rhineland Kingdom Hegemonial War Brusilov the Younger
Belkan Civil War Five million 1839-1847 Belkan Federation, Greek Federation, Islamic Republic of Samothrace, Emirate of Krete, Holy State of Croatia Failed State Jorji Corsova
Tigris War 320,000 1438-1443 Abbasid Caliphate, Persian Empire, Ottoman Empire, Principality of Naxos Clash of Cultures Najm I Al-Naktba
Greater Russian War 8.6 million 1910-1913 Arabia, Belkan Federation, Turkey, Artna, Shahdom of Iran, Russia, Kingdom of Pontus, Hawaii, Colony of Novorossiya, Vineland, Borealia Hegemonial War Igor Akinfeev

Gttugar Genocide

415,000 1916-1920 Empire of Uluru, Great Britain Ethnic Cleansing General Yarin Peewalla, Emperor Djalu V

Anglo-Arcadian Conflict
(Commonwealth War, Insurgency, Great War)

9-9.5 Million 1885 - Ongoing Borealia, Great Britain, British Colonies Hegemonial War/Ethnic Cleansing Gijsbert Mollerus
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