This is a list of the Lord Protectors. These are the Heads of State of the Commonwealth of England. This position was created in 1653 after the 'Instrument of Government' was enacted leading to the creation of the Commonwealth. The Lord Protector holds his position for life and can choose his successor, though he doesn't hold absolute power and the Parliament holds more power (as in OTL now with the PM and government.)

Also with the Lord Protector there has generally been a Premier since Benjamin Disraeli created the position, the Premier is the Head of Government though holds extremely limited power himself.

Lord Protector Portrait Term
Oliver Cromwell Oliver Cromwell 1653 - 1658
Charles Fleetwood Charles Fleetwood 1658 - 1692
Robert Walpole [[File:|100px]] 1692 -1745
John Carteret [[File:|100px]] 1745 - 1763
Augustus FitzRoy [[File:|100px]] 1763 - 1811
Arthur Wellesley [[File:|100px]] 1811 - 1852
Benjamin Disraeli [[File:|100px]] 1852 - 1881
Archibald Primrose [[File:|100px]] 1881 - 1929
David Lloyd George [[File:|100px]] 1929 - 1945
Clement Atlee [[File:|100px]] 1945 - 1967
Harold Wilson [[File:|100px]] 1967 - 1995
David Cameron [[File:|100px]] 1995 - Present
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