Alternative History
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House of Bourbon and House of Orléans

Portrait Assumed Throne Left Throne Right to Throne
King Henry IV
Bourbon coats .png
2 August 1589 14 May 1610 * Tenth generation descendant of Louis IX in the male line

  • By first marriage son in law of Henry II, Brother in law of Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III
King Louis XIII
Bourbon coats .png
14 May 1610 14 May 1643 Son of King Henry IV
King Louis XIV
Bourbon coats .png
14 May 1643 1 September 1715 Son of King Louis XIII
King Louis XV
Bourbon coats .png
1 September 1715 10 May 1774 Great Grandson of King Louis XIV
King Louis XVI
Bourbon coats .png
10 May 1774 1 November 1797 Grandson of King Louis XV
King Louis XVII
Bourbon coats .png
1 November 1797 12 October 1804 Son of King Louis XVI - King Louis Philippe I
1 March 1832 26 August 1850 Fifth cousin of Louis XVI
King Louis Philippe II 26 August 1850 8 September 1894 Grandson of King Louis Philippe I
King Louis Philippe III 8 September 1894 28 March 1926 Son of King Louis Philippe II
King Jean III 28 March 1940 25 August 1940 Brother in Law of King Louis Philippe II
King Henry V 25 August 1940 19 June 1999 Son of King Jean III
King Henry VI 19 June 2019 21 January 2019 Son of King Henry V
King Jean IV 21 January 2019 N/A Son of King Henry VI