Monarchs of Newolland

William I (born William Harrison, 6th January 1932, aged 80)

Reign - May 3rd 2010 to 6th January 2012 (Abdication)

King William has officially said that on the 6th January 2012 (his 80th Birthday) that he will stand down in favour of his daughter Crown Princess Linda (who will be 60 years old at that time)

At that time the royal house of Newolland will change from Harrison to Mitchell.

Queen Linda (Born Linda Harrison, 22nd February 1952)

Married David Mitchell 12th June 1974

Reign 6th January 2012 - Present

The rule of primogeniture does not count in the Newollander monarchy. Instead the heir to the throne would be the eldest child regardless of gender. So the first Thirteen in the Royal line of succession would be:

  • 1. Crown Prince Robert, Born 1977 (Son of Queen Linda) Married Jane Phillips in 1997.
    • 2. Prince Michael, Born 1999 (Son of Prince Robert)
  • 3. Prince Edward, Born 1979 (Son of Queen Linda) Married Michaela Johnstone in 1999.
    • 4. Prince William, Born 2010 (son of Prince Edward)

  • 5. Princess Julie, Born 1954 (Daughter of King William, Sister of Queen Linda)
    • 6. Prince Stuart, Born 1978 (Son of Princess Julie)
      • Princess Phillipa, Born 1998, Died 2003 (Daughter of Prince Stuart)
      • 7. Prince John, Born 2008 (Son of Prince Stuart)
    • 8. Prince Daniel, Born 1981 (Son of Princess Julie)
    • 9. Princess Rachel, Born 1981 (Daughter of Princess Julie)

  • Prince Mark, Born 1956, Died 2009 (Son of King William, Brother of Queen Linda)
    • 10. Princess Keziah, Born 1980 (Daughter of Prince Mark)
    • 11. Princess Marianne, Born 1982 (Daughter of Prince Mark)
      • Prince Mark, Born 2009, Died 2011 (Son of Princess Marianne)
      • 12. Princess Anne, Born 2010 (Daughter of Princess Marianne)
    • 13. Princess Leah, Born 1985 (Daughter of Prince Mark)

In the case of Prince Daniel and Princess Rachel who are twins, the National Council would select who they think would be most suitable for the job.

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