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North America (includes Central America, and the Caribbean)


State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes

US flag 51 stars.svg United States of America

Washington D.C. English USA, without Alaska, and Hawaii, and with Puerto Rico, Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Nuevo León American Defense Alliance Emerging Superpower
Flag of Mexico.svgUnited Mexican States Mexico City Spanish, Native American Mexico without Tamaulipas, Coahuila, and Nuevo León American Defense Alliance
Flag of Canada.svgCanada Ottawa English, French, Native American Canada Imperial Commonwealth American Defense Alliance
Flag of Alaska.svg Free State of Alaska Anchorage English, Japanese, Native American Alaska without Aleutians Islands. Observer of GEACOP Puppet of Japan
Kanaka Maoli flag.svg Kingdom of Hawaii Honolulu English, Japanese, Hawaiian Hawaii, Midway, and Johnston and Palmyra Atoll Observer of GEACOP Puppet of Japan
Flag of the West Indies Federation.svg West Indies Federation Chaguaramas English West Indies Federation without Jamaica and with Belize, Bahamas, Guyana, and Bermuda. Imperial Commonwealth
American Defense Alliance
First proposed flag of Jamaica.svg Commonwealth of Jamaica Kingstown English Jamaica with Cayman, Turks and Caicos Island Imperial Commonwealth
American Defense Alliance
secede from West Indies in 1961
Flag of Costa Rica (state).svg Costa Rica San José de Costa Rica Spanish American Defense Alliance
Flag of Cuba.svg Cuba La Habana Spanish, English American Defense Alliance
Flag of the Dominican Republic.svg Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Spanish American Defense Alliance
Flag of El Salvador.svg El Salvador San Salvador Spanish American Defense Alliance
Flag of Guatemala.svg Guatemala Guatemala City Spanish American Defense Alliance
Flag of Haiti.svg Haiti Port-Prince French, Native American American Defense Alliance
Flag of Honduras.svg Honduras Tegucigalpa Spanish American Defense Alliance
Flag of Nicaragua.svg Nicaragua Managua Spanish American Defense Alliance
Flag of Panama.svg Panama Panama City Spanish American Defense Alliance



State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Flag of Germany (3-2 aspect ratio).svgFederal Republic of Germany Berlin German German Empire, with Sudetenland and Luxembourg CSTO, EC Former Superpower
Flag of Ukraine.svgUkrainian State Kiev Ukrainian Ukraine CSTO, EC
Flag of Latvia.svg Republic of Latvia Riga Latvian Latvia CSTO, EC
Flag of Estonia.svg Republic of Estonia Tallin Estonian Estonia CSTO, EC
Flag of Lithuania.svgRepublic of Lithuania Vilnius Lithuanian Lithuania CSTO, EC
Flag of Poland.svgSecond Polish Republic Warsaw Polish Poland, without Prussia CSTO, EC Former Kingdom until 1989
Flag of Romania.svgRomania Bucharest Romanian Romania with Bessarabia CSTO, EC
Flag of Finland.svg Republic of Finland Helsinki Finnish Finland and Karelia EC Former Kingdom until 1989
Flag of Georgia.svgRepublic of Georgia Tibisili Georgian Georgia, without Ossetia and Abkhazia EC

Flag of Italy.svg Italian Republic

Rome Italian Italy, with Corsica, Savoy, North Libya, and Dodecanese Islands EC
Flag of France.svgFrench Republic Paris French, Basque; Breton; Catalan; Corsican; Creoles; Flemish; Franco-Provençal; Lorrain language, Occitan. France, without Picardy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Champagne-Ardenne and Alsace-Lorraine EC Former power until 1918
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom of Great Britain, Isle of Man, and Northern Ireland London English Great Britain Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Albania.svgRepublic of Albania Tirana Albanian Albania with parts of Kosovo EC
Flag of Liechtenstein.svgPrincipality of Liechtenstein Vaduz German Liechtenstein EC
Flag of Norway.svg Republic of Norway Oslo Norwegian Norway EC Kingdom until 1942, German puppet from 1942 until 1989, Republic since 1989.
Flag of Denmark.svg Kingdom of Denmark Copenhagen Danish Denmark EC Kingdom until 1942, German puppet from 1942 until 1989, Constitutional Monarchy since 1989.
Flag of Sweden.svgKingdom of Sweden Swedish Sweden EC Although Neutral during the Cold War, it was a German friendly regime.
Flag of Iceland.svgIceland Reykjavík Icelandic Iceland EC
Flag of San Marino.svgMost Serene Republic of San Marino San Marino Italian San Marino EC Former Italian puppet
Flag of Monaco.svg Republic of Monaco San Carlos French and Italian Monaco EC Italian puppet from 1943-1990 and at the time know as the Monegasque Social Republic
Flag of Malta.svg Commonwealth of Malta Valleta Maltese and English Malta Imperial Commonwealth
Proposed flag of the United Cyprus Republic.svg Commonwealth of Cyprus Nicosia Greek and Turkish Cyprus Imperial Commonwealth
30pxBelarusian Democratic Republic Mensk Belarusian Belarusian Democratic Republic EC
Flag of Spain.svgKingdom of Spain Madrid Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Aranese, and Galician Spain EC
Flag of Bulgaria.svgRepublic of Bulgaria Sofia Bulgarian Greater Bulgaria EC Former Kingdom
Flag of Portugal.svg Portuguese Republic Lisbon Portuguese Portugal EC
Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Republic of Turkey Istanbul Turkish Turkey without Kurdistan and zones were the Zaza people live EC
Flag of Greece.svgHellenic State Athens Greek Greece without parts of Greater Bulgaria EC Created after collapse of the Hellenic States in 1989
Flag of the Vatican City.svgVatican City Vatican City Latin and Italian Vatican City EC
Flag of Switzerland.svgSwiss Confederation Bern German, Italian, French and Romansh Switzerland EC
Flag of the Netherlands.svgRepublic of the Netherlands Amsterdam Dutch, Frisian, Low Saxon, Low Franconian Netherlands, Flanders and the Brussels capital region EC, CSTO Kingdom until 1919, Puppet until 1989, Republic since 1989
Flag of Ireland.svgIrish Free Republic Dublin Irish, English Ireland EC Independent since 1919
Flag of Russia.svgRussian Federation Moscow Russian, many, many others Russia without Kaliningrad, Karelia, Buryatia, Altai, Tuva, Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Khakassia, Yakutia, and the Far Eastern Republic and with Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Emerging Supepower, created in 1945. Expected to include Most of the OTL USSR by 2020
Flag of Wallonia.svgRepublic of Wallonia Brussels French Belgian Wallonia and (parts of) the French provinces of Picardy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Champagne-Ardenne Formerly part of Germany
Flag of Austria.svgFederal Republic of Austria Vienna German Austria with Italian province of Bolzano-Bozen EC, CSTO
Flag of Hungary.svgDemocratic Republic of Hungary Budapest Hungarian Hungary, with small part of north Slovakia and all North Vojvodina EC, CSTO
Croatia Ustasa.svgRepublic of Croatia Zagreb Croatian Croatia with Croatian zones of Bosnia and Herzegovina EC
Flag of Bosnia (1908-1918).svgState of Bosnia Sarajevo Bosnian Bosnia with only the center Muslim zones
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro.svgFederal Republic of Yugoslavia Belgrade

Montenegrin, Serbian, Bosnian, Romanian, Slovak, Pannonian, and


Serbia without north Vojvodina, Montenegro, and Serbian zones of Bosnia and Herzegovina EC Many south slav states have show interest in joining
Flag of Slovenia.svgRepublic of Slovenia Ljubljana Slovenian Slovenia without Hungarian minority part EC
Flag of the Czech Republic.svgRepublic of Czechia Prague Czech Czech Republic EC
Flag of Slovakia.svgSlovakia Bratislava Slovak Slovakia EC
Flag of Szekely Land.svgRepublic of Szeklerland Târgu Mureș Hungarian, Romanian Magyar Autonomous Region in Communist Romania EC
Flag of Transcarpathian Oblast.svgFederation of Carpathia Ruthenia Uzhhorod Ukrainian Zakarpattia Oblast EC

Former Countries

State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Flag of Don Cossacks.svgDon Republic Novocherkassk Russian Don Republic Incorporated to Russia after WW2
Flag of Kuban People's Republic.svgKuban People's Republic Yekaterinodar Russian Kuban People's Republic Incorporated to Russia after WW2
Flag of the Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus.svgMountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus Temir-Khan-Shura Russian Mountainous Republic of the Northern Caucasus Incorporated to Russia after WW2
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union

Moscow (1922-1945)

Omsk (1945-1954)

Russian, many others At time of collapse: Asian Russia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and All Kazhakstan except the West. Abolished after WW2
Flag of the German Empire.svg German Empire Berlin German German Empire, coastal strip running from Dunkirk to Boulogne-sur-Mer, Briey, Belgium, Luxembourg Collapsed in 1991
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918).svg United States of Greater Austria Vienna German, Hungarian, many others Austria-Hungary, Kingdom of Serbia without Macedonia, Kingdom of Montenegro Collapsed in 1989
War flag of the Italian Social Republic.svg Italian Social Republic Rome Italian Greater Italy Collapsed in 1989
Flag of Courland (state).svg Duchy of Courland and Semigallia Riga German, Latvian Duchy of Courland and Semigallia (1918) Annexed by Latvia in 1990
Flag of the Lemko-Rusyn Republic.svg Lemko Rusyn Republic of Florynka Florynka Polish Slovak Lemko Republic United with Slovakia in 1990

Middle East


State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes

Flag of Lebanon.svg Lebanese Republic

Beirut Arab Lebanon

30px Republic of Assyria

Ninevah (Tel Keppe) Assyrian Neo-Aramaic Ninawa

Flag of Druze.svgJabal Al-Druze State

As-Suwayda Arab Jabal Al-Druze (state)
Zaza-flag.gifRepublic of Zazastan Zaza Language Areas where the Zaza People live

Alawite State.JPG Union of Lakatia (Alawite State)

Lakatia Arab Alawite State Claimed by Lebanon

Flag of Kurdistan.svg Republic of Kurdistan

Erbil Kurdish Kurdistan

Flag of Bahrain.svg Kingdom of Bahrain

Manama Arab Bahrain

Flag of Kuwait.svg State of Kuwait

Kuwait City Arab Kuwait plus all the Saudi coast until Qatar

Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Republic of Turkey

Ankara Turkish Turkey without Hatay, Kurdistan and Zaza people
Flag of Iraq (1959–1963).svg Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan & Mesopotamia Bagdah Arab

Israel, Jordan, Sunni Iraq, parts of Western and North

Saudi Arabia

Flag of the Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen.svg Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen Sanaa Arab North Yemen
Flag of the Federation of South Arabia.svg South Arabian Federation Aden Arab South Yemen, Oman, United Arab Emirates
Flag of Qatar.svg State of Qatar Doha Arab Qatar
State Flag of Iran (1964-1980).svgImperial State of Iran/Persia Tehran Persian Iran with Shia parts of Iraq Islamic Revolution crushed by Germany because Iran was the most important oil "fountain" of Germany, Ally of USA since 1990's
Syria-flag 1932-58 1961-63.svg Hashemite Kingdom of Syria Damascus Arab Syria without Kurdistan, Alawite State, Sanjak of Lakatia, Jabal-Al Druze state
Flag of Armenia.svg Democratic Republic of Armenia Yerevan Armenian Armenia with northern Turkey until Trebizond
Caldea.pngKingdom of Chaldea Babylon (Al-Musayyib)


(dialect of Aramaic)

Provinces of Babil, Karbala, Wasit and Al-Qadisiyyah in Iraq (Chaldea)
Flag of Afghanistan (1974–1978).svgRepublic of Afghanistan Kabul Dari and Pashto Afghanistan Ally of Japan
Flag of Saudi Arabia.svgSaudi Arabia Riad Arab Most of Saudi Arabia

Former Countries

State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Flag of the Ottoman Empire.svg Ottoman Empire Istanbul Turkish, Arab All Middle East, except Ha'il, Persia, and Afghanistan Collapsed in WW2
Flag of Ha'il 1920.svg Emirate of Ha'il Ha'il Arab Ha'il United with Nedj to form Saudi Arabia



State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Australian Flag with Aboriginal Flag.svgRepublic of Australia Canberra English Australia without Territories GEACOP and Imperial Commonwealth Buffer between Commonwealth and GEACOP



State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Flag of Ghana.svg Commonwealth of Gold Coast Accra English Ghana Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Botswana.svg Commonwealth of Bechuanaland Gaborone English, Setswana Botswana Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Sierra Leone.pngCommonwealth of Sierra Leone Freetown English, Krio Sierra Leone Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Lesotho.svgKingdom of Basutoland Mesero Sesotho, English Lesotho Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of South Africa.svgCommonwealth of South Africa Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Cape Town Afrikaaner, English, other 9 South Africa Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Eswatini.svgKingdom of Swaziland Lobamba and Mbabane English, SiSwati Swaziland Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Nigeria.svgCommonwealth of Nigeria Abuja English, other 9 Nigeria without British Cameroons Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of The Gambia.svgCommonwealth of the Gambia Banjul English Gambia Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Zanzibar (January-April 1964).svgCommonwealth of Zanzibar Zanzibar English and Swahili Zanzibar Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Kenya.svgCommonwealth of Kenya Nairobi English, Swahili Kenya without Wituland Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of Uganda.svgCommonwealth of Uganda Kampala English, Sawhili, other 9 Uganda Imperial Commonwealth
Flag of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.svgFederation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland Salisbury English Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Malawi Imperial Commonwealth British Colonies 1920s-1918, German colonies 1918-1963, Union with Southern Rhodesia colony 1989, entry in the Commonwealth 1996
Flag of Egypt (1922–1958).svgKingdom of Egypt Cairo Arab Egypt Independent from Italy since 1989
Flag of Libya.svgKingdom of Libya Tripoli, Benghazi and Al Bayda Arab, Berber Libya Independent from Italy since 1989
Flag of Sudan (1956-1970).svgKingdom of Sudan Khartoum Arab Sudan, without Darfur, and South Sudan Independent from Italy since 1989, Client state of Egypt, Same Royal House of Egypt
Flag of Gabon.svg United States of Germanic Africa Windhoek German, French, English, many others Namibia, German Kamerun, Gabon, Zaire, Congo, Angola, Moçambique, Tanganyika, Burundi, Gabon, and Rwanda Union of almost all German colonies in Africa
Flag of Mali.svg Federation of Mali Dakar French, German, many many others French West Africa and Togo



State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Flag of Buryatia.svg Khaanate of Buryatia Ulan-Ude Buryatian Buryatia GEACOP
Flag of Cambodia under Japanese occupation.svg Kingdom of Cambodia Phnom Penh Khmer Cambodia GEACOP
Flag of the Republic of China.svgRepublic of China Beijing Chinese, many Others China, without Manchukuo, Hainan, Taiwan, Uyghuristan and Tibet GEACOP Created in 1949
Flag of the Dalnevostok.svg Daur Republic Chita Russian, Japanese Most of OTL Far Eastern Republic except Buryatia, Jewish Autonomous Oblast, Kamchatka, and Primorsky GEACOP Buffer state between Russia and Japan
648px-Flag of India CV.png Free Indian Republic Mumbai Mainly Hindi, Many others India without Chachmir and Punjab GEACOP
Flag of Japan.svg Japan Tokyo Japanese, Russia, Korean, many others Japan, with primorsky, Kamchatka, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Sakhalin, and the Aleutians GEACOP
Flag of Laos (1952-1975).svg Kingdom of Laos Vientiane Lao Laos GEACOP
Flag of Manchukuo.svgGreat Manchu Empire Hsinking (Changchun) Chinese, Japanese Manchukuo GEACOP
Philippines Flag Original.svg Second Philippine Republic Manila Filipino, Spanish, Chavacan, English, Philippines and Sabah GEACOP
Flag of Thailand.svg Kingdom of Thailand Bangkok Thai Thailand, Shan state, Kerlis, Penang, Peril, and Karenni state GEACOP
Flag of Tibet.svg Tibet Lhasa Tibetan Tibet GEACOP
Flag of Tuva (1992).svg Tuvan Republic Kyzyl Tuvan Tuva GEACOP
Flag of the Empire of Vietnam (1945).svg Empire of Vietnam Hue Vietnamite Vietnam GEACOP
Flag of Burma 1943.svgState of Burma Rangoon Birmanian, English Birmania, without Shan state and Karenni state GEACOP
Flag of Brunei.svgSultanate of Brunei & Kalimantan Bandar Seri Bagawan Malay, Indonesian Brunei, Sarawak, and Borneo GEACOP
Melanesia flag Central World.pngEmpire of Melanesia Port Mosbery English, Tok Pisin, Hiro Motu, more than 820 languages Papua New Guinea and Indonesian Papua GEACOP
Flag of Indonesia.svgKingdom of Indonesia Jakarta Indonesian Indonesia without Borneo, Papua and Timor GEACOP
800px-Flag of East Timor.pngDemocratic Republic of Timor Dili Tetum and Portuguese All Timor GEACOP
Flag of Altai Republic.svgAltai Repblic
Flag of the Jewish Autonomous Oblast.svgState of Birobidzhan
Flag of Khakassia.svgRepublic of Khakassia
Flag of Sakha.svgRepublic of Sakha
Flag of Uzbekistan.svg Uzbek Republic

Subkingdoms (Protectorates) of Japan

State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Flag of Taiwan proposed 1996.svgKingdom of Formosa Taipei Chinese, Japanese Taiwan GEACOP, Protectorate of Japan Emperor Tomohito, Cousin of Akihito
Flag of South Korea.svgEmpire of Korea Seoul Korean, Japanese North and South Korea GEACOP, Protectorate of Japan Emperor Won

South America


State Capital Languages OTL Organization Notes
Flag of Venezuela 1930-2006.svg Venezuela Caracas Spanish Venezuela American Defense Alliance The "oil gem" of the American Sphere.
Flag of Colombia.svg Colombia Bogotá Spanish Colombia with a small part of Peru American Defense Alliance
Flag of Ecuador.svg Ecuador Quito Spanish Ecuador with most of their pre-WWI OTL territory American Defense Alliance
Flag of Suriname.svg Suriname Parmaribo Dutch, French, English Suriname with French Guyana and Guyana American Defense Alliance
Flag of Brazil.svg Brazil Brasilia Portuguese
Flag of Peru.png Peru Lima Spanish
Flag of Chile.svg Chile Santiago Spanish
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina Buenos Aires Spanish
Flag of Bolivia.svg Bolivia La Paz Spanish
Flag of Uruguay.png Uruguay Montevideo Spanish
Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay Asunción Spanish

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