List of Pages (Cambridge Computing)

Cambridge Computing introduction.

Most of the pages in this alternative history fit into the chronologically ordered list of the pages, below. Some pages contain general information relevant to the alternative history such as biographical sketches and are listed at the bottom of this page.

chronological sequence

Moritz Schlick, 1936 .... Kurt Gödel .... meets Turing, Summer 1937 coversations with Wittgenstein deflects to zeta function for Turing's Ph.D. project.

Princeton The building of Alan Turing's first computer (1938-1940).

1939 lectures on philosophy of mathematical logic by Ludwig Wittgenstin.

People, Places and Things

Ludwig Wittgenstein biographical page.

Alan Turing biographical page.

Contributors to this alternative history.

The Calculus of Contradictions
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