Alternative History

A list of Popes reigning at the time of Ard Marjhoola

Pope Silvester II (April 2, 999 - May 12, 1003) - Known for bringing Arabic knowledge to Christian Europe, name is tarnished as the The Caliphate Wars progresses.

Pope John XVII (June 13, 1003 - November, 1003) - Minor Pope that died soon after Papacy began.

Pope John XVIII (January, 1004 - July, 1009) - Pope plagued with problems in Europe, had little time to deal with Fatimid advances creeping up toward the Papal States.

Pope Sergius IV (July 31, 1009 - May 12, 1012) - Raised serious questions against Islamic expansionism, called for unity in Christian Europe to counter it, particularly Fatimid advances up Italy. When he died suddenly in May 1012, gossip spread that "Saracens" had murdered him for revenge of his harsh words and calls for attacks against them.

Pope Gregory VI (May 18, 1012 - April 10, 1013) - Barely won the Papacy election against Theophylactus (Benedict VIII), was practically kicked out less than a year later due to bad leadership.

Pope Benedict VIII (April 20, 1013 - April 9, 1024) - Was close to being elected Pope the year before, took advantage of Gregory VI's poor leadership to take over. Allied with the Normans to combat the Fatimids in Italy. Started the First Crusade, although few forces joined Normans.

Pope John XIX (May, 1024 - October, 1032) - Brother of Benedict VIII, a powerful family at the time. While the First Crusade halted Fatimid advances, the Abbasid's were starting to encroach on Byzantine Empire territory; the result being the start of the Second Crusade. In 1032, he was supposedly killed by a mob, said to be incited by the "Saracens".

Pope Benedict IX (October, 1032 - September, 1045) - Nephew of the previous two Popes, became Pope at a young age and had little qualifications. He was forced out in Rome in 1036 but quickly returned with the help of Conrad II of the Holy Roman Empire. Despite this support, he was thrown out again in September 1044 and never returned.

Pope Sylvester III (January 20, 1045 - August, 1961) - After throwing out his predecessor, Pope Sylvester came to power after a bitter struggle of infighting for who will take over. Being presented with further problems both in Europe and by the Muslim world, Sylvester II was able to keep the Papacy together until his death.

Pope Alexander II (September 30, 1061 - April 21, 1073) - Originally without the support of the Holy Roman Empire. Gave his blessing to the Norman conquests of England.