Alternative History

The following men have served as Premier of Alaska, an ever-evolving role as the head of the Great White North's government.

Premiers of Alaska[]

(Russian: Премьер-министр Аляски; Prem'er-ministr Alyaski)

Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Notes
Boris Anasenko Boris Anasenko 1897 1912 N/A Inaugural officeholder
Ivan Sergetov IvanSergetov 1912 1917 N/A Resigned due to scandal revolving around two illegimate children fathered with Aleut women
Dmitri Tomegin DmitriTomegin 1917 1924 N/A Died in office of heart attack
Georgiy Ivanov GeorgiyIvanov 1924 1927 N/A Signed the Kodiak Accords to end Alaskan involvement in Pacific War - sacked shortly thereafter by Nicholas I, making him the only Premier dismissed by the Tsar.
Mischa Komarov MischaKomarov 1927 1937 Conservative The "Great Deregulator" governed over a time period of explosive economic growth in the oil industry, leading to rampant corruption.
Vasily Poropek Boris3 1937 1939 Conservative/Industrial Founded Industrial Party while in office; murdered by wife while on vacation in Cuba when discovered with two sixteen year old American girls. Generally regarded as the most unpopular Premier in history.
Sergey Kolov SergeyKolov 1939 1944 Socialist Ousted in vote of no-confidence following outbreak of Siberian-Alaskan War; Marxist sympathies and leadership of anti-monarchist camp earned distrust amongst conservative members of Duma
Yakov Sighovaryin Sighovaryin 1944 1960 Conservative (formally) Longest-interred Premier; generally regarded as a benign dictator with exorbitant power and a cult of personality
Kirill Osopek KirillOsopek 1960 1965 Conservative Governed during the Good Friday Earthquake, the assassination of Alexander II and the succession crisis that followed.
Konstantin Sarugin KonstantinSarugin 1965 1966 Liberal Governed briefly following no-confidence dissolution of first Osopek Premiership
Kirill Osopek KirillOsopek 1966 1968 Conservative (Conservative Coalition) Second term - Osopek the only Premier to hold office on two nonconsecutive occasions
Stanislav Mergeyev Mergeyev 1968 1973 Imperial (Conservative Coalition)
Aleksey Pushkin AlekseyPushkin 1973 1974 Progress (Liberal Coalition) Died in office
Ivan Edmarovsky IvanEdmarovsky 1975 1979 Liberal (Liberal Coalition) Came to power after nineteen-day period without a Premier
Aleksey Valenko AlekseyValenko 1979 1988 Moderate (Conservative Coalition) Switched coalition loyalty in 1979 election to gain premiership; in power during constitutional showdowns in 1982; resigned in 1988 during corruption scandals implicating members of his cabinet
Iosef Antonov JosefAntonov 1988 1992 Conservative (Conservative Coalition) Used constitutional loopholes to prevent a general election; eventually tried and convicted of corruption charges and murdered in prison
Boris Molotov BorisMolotov1 1992 2002 Liberal (Liberal Coalition) Instituted constitutional, economic and institutional reforms; regarded as the father of the modern Alaskan political structure
Vladimir Putin Vladimir putin 2002 2010 Conservative (Conservative Coalition) Anti-crime crusader; high popularity ratings despite low approval ratings for his conservative Duma
Svetlana Karalova Svetlana Karalova 2010 present Moderate (Center Coalition) First female Premier