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This article lists all Heads of State of Byrdia since its foundation as the Territory of Western Antarctica in 1922.

For Heads of State in the territories which preceded Byrdia, see List of Viceroys of New Ingria (1880-1918) and Governor of the American Antarctic Zone (1918-1922).

The Byrdian President governs alongside a Vice President.

Appointed Governors (1922-1980)

In 1922, the American Antarctic Zone was abolished, and two territories were officially established — Palmeria and Western Antarctica. They were each administered by a Governor, who was appointed by the President of the United States.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Notes
Carter Haverford 1922 1928 Appointed by Warren G. Harding. Civilian.
Richard Evelyn Byrd 70px 1928 1935 Appointed by Calvin Coolidge. Military (Navy).
Franklin Duff 1935 1939 Appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
Arthur McMillan 1939 1946 Appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
John Sessions 1946 1957 Appointed by Harry S. Truman.
George Botterill 1957 1962 Appointed by Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Harvey Federov 1962 1968 Appointed by John F. Kennedy.
Ivory Charles 1968 1973 Appointed by Lyndon B. Johnson.
Ernest Henshaw 1973 1977 Appointed by Richard Nixon.
George Fuchs 1977 1980 Appointed by Jimmy Carter.

Elected Governors (1980-1986)

In 1980, after much pressure from the General Assembly and groups within the US, President Carter made the position of Governor elective, with a term of four years, renewable once.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Political Party Notes
George Fuchs 1980 1984 Republican
Andrey Trishin 1984 1986 Freedom Alliance

Other major parties:

Presidents (1986-Present)

Byrdia became independent in 1986, and since then, has been governed by a President. Following the tradition of the former Governor (which was, in turn, inherited from the United States Presidential system), the President serves a four-year term which is renewable once.

As Andrey Trishin had already served two years as Governor before being reelected as President, the General Assembly ruled that his first term expired in 1988, rather than 1990.

Name Portrait Took office Left office Vice President Political Party Notes
Andrey Trishin 1986 1988 Maximillion J. Arbuckle III Freedom Alliance Formerly Governor of Byrdia from 1984-86. A leader of the independence movement.
Herbert Spencer 1988 1992 Blake Headford Green 1990 ATA laureate.
Maximillion J. Arbuckle III Arbuckle.png 1992 2000 Nicholas Odohar Freedom Alliance / Independent Former Vice President under Andrey Trishin. Party collapsed in 1994, continued Presidency as an independent. 1987 ATA laureate.
Nicholas Odohar 2000 2008 Dora Portugal Green Former Vice President under Maximillion Arbuckle.
Gregory L. Jacobs 2008 Incumbent Joseph N. Harris Whig

Other major parties:

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