Alternative History

The president of California is the head of state and government of California. There were 14 presidents since its independence in 1846 until its annexation by the United States in 1944. The Bear Flag Party, led by the founders of the original rebellion, was the most successful party, with 7 presidents and unmatched domination in the early history of California. A rival party, the Democrats, briefly rose for a time, until they reformed into the other main political party, the "Forty-Niners". The defeat in World War I would leave a permanent mark on California and its politics, resulting in the election of dictator James Scrugham in 1931, who would rule until California's defeat in the Second World War in 1944.

Number Portrait President Term Length Party
1 William Ide.png William B. Ide 1847-1855 Bear Flag Party
2 Peter Hardeman Burnett - circa 1860.jpg Peter Burnett 1855-1863 Bear Flag Party
3 John McDougall.jpg John McDougal 1863-1867 Bear Flag Party
4 Cameron E. Thom 1867-1875 Democratic Party
5 Douglas Gunn 1875-1883 Democratic Party
6 John Beverly Robinson 1883-1889 Bear Flag Party
7 William Paine Lord 1889-1895 Bear Flag Party
8 John Morton Eshleman.jpg John Morton Eshleman 1895-1903 Forty-Niners Party
9 Grant Conrad 1903-1907 Forty-Niners Party
10 Vincent John 1907-1911 Forty-Niners Party
11 Edwin Alexander Forbes 1911-1919 Bear Flag Party
12 Emmett D. Boyle 1919-1927 Forty-Niners Party
13 Pat McCarran 1927-1931 Bear Flag Party
14 James Scrugham.jpg James Scrugham 1931-1944 Natsoc Party