Alternative History

The following is a List of the Presidents of the Republic of Greater Colombia, beginning with Simon Bolivar. The President is elected by direct ballot, and due to the three-party system in Colombia, this typically requires a runoff. Generally speaking, the party that controls the Colombian Congress controls the Presidency as well, as the quadrennial Presidential election and sextennial Congressional election overlaps every twelve years. Since a constitutional amendment passed in 1998, Presidents are now permitted to succeed themselves once, and are limited to two lifetime terms - previously, since 1926, Presidents were permitted to serve unlimited lifetime terms but could not succeed themselves.

The President is empowered as the head of state and head of government of Colombia, and as such is the Commander in Chief of the Colombian armed forces. He is empowered to begin and adjourn sessions of Congress, and signs laws brought to him by both houses of the Congress. His appointments to the various Ministries of his Cabinet must be approved by majority vote in both Houses of the Congress. Like many Presidential republics in South America, there is no Vice President - the President is succeeded by the Secretary of the Chamber of the Senate in the event of death or impeachment. Presidents, upon completion of their term, are made Senator for Life.

Presidents of the Republic of Colombia[]

Name Picture Took office Left office Political Party Notes
Simón Bolívar 1819 1821 N/A
Francisco de Paula Santander y Omana 1821 1826 N/A
Simón Bolívar 1826 1830 N/A
Francisco de Paula Santander y Omana 1830 1840 N/A
José Antonio Páez 1840 1848 N/A
Pedro Alcántara Herrán 1848 1851 N/A
Carlos Soublette 1851 1855 N/A
Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera 1855 1862 N/A
Juan Crisóstomo Falcón 1862 1867 N/A
Manuel Murillo Toro 1867 1870 N/A
Rafael Núñez Moledo 1870 1874 N/A Assassinated immediately prior to 1874 coup
Eusebio de Las Iglesias y López 1874 1905 N/A
Héctor Machire March 8, 1905 November 6, 1905 N/A
José Gil Fortoul 1905 1908 N/A Assassinated
Juan Vicente Gómez 1908 1915 military dictator
José de la Santa Cruz 1915 1916 none
David Castro 1916 1918 Reform
José Luis López y Santa Maria 1918 1922 Republican
David Castro 1922 1926 Reform
Samuel Uribe 1926 1929 Reform
Enrique Olaya Herrera 1929 1930 Reform
Humberto Ruiz 1930 1934 Social First term
Alfonso López Pumarejo 1934 1938 Social First term
Humberto Ruiz 1938 1942 Social Second Term
Alfonso López Pumarejo 1942 1946 Second term
Rómulo Betancourt 1946 1950 Social First term
Mariano Ospina Pérez 1950 1954 Christian Democrat
1954 1958
Rómulo Betancourt 1958 1962 Social Second term
Raúl Leoni 1962 1966 Social
Carlos Lleras Restrepo 1966 1970 Social
Rafael Caldera RafaelCaldera 1970 1974 Christian Democrat First Term
Carlos Andrés Pérez Carlos Andres Perez foto presidencial de su primer gobierno August 6, 1974 August 6, 1978 Social
Octavio Lepage August 6, 1978 August 6, 1982 Social
Rafael Caldera RafaelCaldera August 6, 1982 August 6, 1986 United Colombia Second term; head of unity government
Rafael Gusto Villana RafaelGVillana August 6, 1986 August 6, 1990 Republican
Felipe Ramón Hernández FelipeRamonHernandez August 6, 1990 August 6, 1994 Republican
Rafael Caldera August 6, 1994 August 6, 1998 New Majority Third term
Andrés Pastrana AndresPastrana August 6, 1998 August 6, 2002 Republican
Luis Carlos Galán August 6, 2002 August 6, 2010 New Majority
Antonio Cristo de Zapata AntonioCristoZapata August 6, 2010 August 6, 2014 Social
Henrique Capriles August 6, 2014 present New Majority