Alternative History

The President of the Greater Russian Union is the Russian Head of State and Head of Government. The President's powers are extensive but clearly defined. The powers of the President include the naming of Cabinet officials and judges, though those decisions must be ratified by the Duma (Parliament). The President also has veto power over legislation, which is used semi-regularly, usually when the President's party does not control the Duma. The President is elected by universal adult suffrage to a four-year term. A President may be re-elected once only.

The office of President in its current form has existed only since 1977. Prior to this, the role of Head of State was filled by a variety of officials under Communism, usually (but not always) with the title of Chairman of the Central Executive Committee or the Chairman of the Supreme Soviet (after 1938). In 1977 the Soviet Union was replaced with a federal liberal democracy.

The present President of Russia is Yulia Tymoshenko.

Presidents of Russia since 1977

# Name Took Office Left Office Party
1 Viktor Grishin 1977 1977 No party
2 Lev Kopelev 1977 1985 Novaya
3 Andrei Sakharov 1985 1988 Novaya
4 Vladimir Voinovich 1988 1989 Novaya
5 Mikhail Gorbachev 1989 1993 Union Party
6 Yuri Federov 1993 2001 Union Party
7 Vladimir Zhirinovsky 2001 2005 Democratic Party
8 Yulia Tymoshenko 2005 Incumbent Union Party