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A Revolutionary-era portrait of George Washington, the first President of the United States and originator of many of the traditions surrounding the US presidency, such as the two-term limit, which was later codified into the Constitution. The pre-Doomsday capital city of the United States was named after Washington. The new capital, Torrington, includes a replica of the Washington Monument in his honor.

The United States of America has had in its history three constitutions (the first one being the Articles of Confederation, which was replaced within a few years after the American Revolution), but only two outline the position of a chief executive to serve as head of state and head of government. The Founding Fathers of the United States vigorously debated what exactly these roles should entail, before eventually (thanks to the Federalist Papers published by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay) forming the current office of President of the United States. The Framers of the Constitution outlined some of the specific roles, powers, and duties of the President in Article II of the Constitution, which remains in effect in the current post-Doomsday version of the revered document.

Below are a list of presidents from the original United States and the Post-Doomsday American Provisional Administration, as well as the reborn (formerly Provisional) United States based in Torrington, which was the eventual successor to the original USA. In 2010 the Provisional United states declared themselves the legal successor of the USA, following the demise of the APA in 1995.

The USA's present constitution is considered the fourth in the history of the nation: its predecessors are the 1777 Articles of Confederation, the 1787 Constitution, and the 1991 Provisional Constitution.

Presidents under the Constitution of 1787

# Portrit Name Took Office Left Office Party Vice President(s)
Official Portrait of President Reagan 1981-cropped.jpg
Ronald Wilson Reagan1 1981 1984 Republican George H W Bush
43 George H.W. Bush 3x4.jpg
George Herbert Walker Bush2 1984 1995 Republican Robert D. Nesen

1 Disappeared, presumed dead.
2 Served as President of the American Provisional Administration in Australia.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the longest serving President, having been elected to four terms but dying shortly into the fourth. George Bush, the final president, served the second longest having finished out the remainder of Ronald Reagan's term - extended by officials an extra four years - and being elected outright to two of his own before dissolving the office halfway through his second full term. 

In the chaos following Doomsday, it was deemed not possible to hold elections as scheduled in 1984, and Bush was named President until the next elections by surviving military and civilian officials, tentatively set for 1988.

Bush would win a term of his own right in the 1988 elections, and a second term in 1992. Those involved deemed this possible, and regarded the 1983-1988 period as a semi-unelected continuation of Reagan's second term, thus allowing it under the 22nd amendment to the Constitution, which would have prohibited Bush from running in 1992 otherwise. The exile community went along with this at the time, deeming it a good idea given the situation - though this has caused dissension in later years, given the events of 1995.

In the years since formal recognition of the continuation of the United States based in Torrington, official lists have retroactively numbered Ray Hunkins as the 42nd President, and so on, with former President Bush's approval and blessing.

Presidents under the Constitution of 1991

# Portrit Name Took Office Left Office Party Vice President(s)
Raymond "Ray" Hunkins1 1992 2001 Republican Allen Kolstad
Mike Sullivan.jpg
Mike Sullivan 2001 2005 Democrat Richard H. Stallings
Wayne Allard 1998.png
Wayne Allard 2005 2013 Republican Mike Simpson
Mike Simpson, official Congressional photo portrait.jpg
Mike Simpson 2013 2021 Republican Sam Brownback
Heidi Heitkamp.png
Heidi Heitkamp2 2021 Present Democrat Steve Bullock

1 Provisional President prior to being inaugurated in 1993. Later retroactively referred to as the 42nd President in official records.
2 First female President of the United States.

When the then-Provisional United States ratified their constitution in 1991, a Presidential election was scheduled for the following year. Aside from the reform of the Electoral College and the end of the appointment of electors, the Presidency remains unchanged from the 1787 constitution. Both Hunkins and Allard have served two terms, tied for most under this Constitution. Three of the Presidents are members of the Republican Party, with two Democrats, and one served as Vice President before being elected President.

Living Presidents

President Term of office Date of birth
Jimmy Carter 1977–1981 October 1, 1924 (1924-10-01) (age 97)
George H W Bush 1984–1995 June 12, 1924 (1924-06-12) (age 98)
Ray Hunkins 1992–2001 April 17, 1939 (1939-04-17) (age 83)
Mike Sullivan 2001–2005 September 22, 1939 (1939-09-22) (age 82)
Wayne Allard 2005–2013 December 2, 1943 (1943-12-02) (age 78)
Mike Simpson 2013-2021 September 8, 1950 (age 71)
Heidi Heitkamp (incumbent) 2021-Present October 30, 1955 (age 66)

At the time of Doomsday, former Presidents Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon both resided in southern California. Given that no information on either man has ever been found, it is reasonable to assume both men perished either during or after Doomsday. Experts suspect that both, even had they survived, would be deceased by the present day regardless.