The rulers of Brandenburg are usually dated from the reign of Albert I the Bear who crusaded against the pagan Wends and essentially founded the Margraviate of Brandenburg. Brandenburg would inherit Albert's Prince-Elector rights though it was only referred to as a Principality following the Treaty of Copenhagen which closed the Fifty Years War.

House of Ascania
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Albert I the Bear (1157-1170)
Otto I (1170-1184)
Otto II the generous (1184-1205)
Albert II (1205-1220)

Brandenburg divided between the sons of Albert II: John I and Otto III.

House of Ascania
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Valdemar I the Great Sole-rule (1318-1319)
Henry II the child (1319-1320)
House of Wittelsbach
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Louis I (Louis V of Bavaria) (1323-1351)
Louis II (1351-1356)
Otto VII (1356-1373)

Otto VII sells the neglected Margrave to the Luxembourgs as an act of spite toward Emperor Olaf.

House of Luxembourg
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Charles I Charles IV-John Ocko votive picture-fragment (1373-1374)
Wenceslaus I

Emperor Wenceslaus

Wenceslaus I Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1374-1400)
Charles II

Emperor Charles IV

Charles II Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1400-1426)
Sigismund I

Emperor Sigismund I

Sigismund I Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1426-1437)

Emperor Matthew

Matthew Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1437-1444)
John VI John II Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1444-1478)
Sigismund II

Emperor Sigismund II

Sigismund II Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1478-1502)
John VII

Emperor John I

John III Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1502-1536)
Wenceslaus II Wenceslaus II Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1536-1540)
(regent for Henry of Prague, then Henry VIII)
Joanna Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1540-1562)
Henry III Henry VIII Luxem (The Kalmar Union) (1562-1580)
Henry IV Martino Rota Archduke Ernest of Austria (1580-1602)
Charles III Workshop of Gerard van Honthorst 001 (1602-1620)
House of Nassau
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Anna of Nassau Anna Brandenburg (The Kalmar Union) (1620-1643)
George I (1643-1659)

George I is executed by a radical Republican Diet as the country descends into chaos during the Brandenburg Civil War (1653-1659). The 'Commonwealth' would last until it was broken up by the Danish army in 1664. Wolfgang Casimir of Isenberg is installed by the Danes.

House of Isenberg
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Wolfgang Casimir (1665-1672)

Wolfgang Casimir's reactionary regime falls as passions are inflamed by Henry X of Luxembourg retaking Bohemia and his subsequent liberal regime there. A Svealandic army restores order and plants George August of Mansfeld on the throne.

House of Mansfield
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Georg August (1673-1694)
Frederick I (1694-1725)
Ernst I (1725-1758)
Frederick II William (1758-1770)
Albert III (1770-1803)
Frederick III Augustus (1803-1834)
Frederick IV Ernst (1834-1870)
George II (1870-1885)
Frederick V Casimir (1885-1906)
Louise of Hohenlohe (regency) (1906-1910)
Ernst II (1906-1938)
Frederick VI (1938-1979)
Frederick VII (1979-2003)
Ernst III Ernst III Branden (2003-)
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