The Princely dynasty dates itself from 1430 even though the Principality of Hordt was not strictly created until 1539. This list follows the main line of descent from Joanna I to the present day. It does not include the line descended from Wenceslaus I which was reintegrated in 1763.
House of Wantzenau-Liechtenstein
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Joanna I Wantzenau

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc 2 (1430-1449)
Joanna II Wantzenau, Lady of Litomerce (1458-1483)
Nicholas I, Lord of Hordt

(jointly with Wenceslaus)

Wenceslaus I, Lord of Hordt

(jointly with Nicholas, then Joanna)

Joanna III, Lady of Hordt

(jointly with Wenceslaus)


The heirs of Wenceslaus take Southern Hordt. The heirs of Joanna take the North of the lordship. The Czech estates are divided equally.

House of Wantzenau-Liechtenstein-Wettin
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Rupert I

(Margrave from 1539)

Rupert II (1570-1603)
Georg I (1603-1638)
Wenceslaus II (1638-1650)
Friedrich (1650-1698)
Georg II (1698-1724)
Georg III (1724-1739)
Rupert III

Marries his second cousin Catherine in 1763, reuniting the Wantzenau lands

Georg-Frederick I (1782-1806)
Georg-Frederick II

(Prince from 1824)

Wilhelm (1832-1858)
Adolphus (1858-1872)
Georg IV (1872-1914)
Alexander (1914-1928)
Georg-Frederick III (1928-1969)
Nicholas II (1969-)
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