The Liechtenstein family achieved prominence thanks to their close association with the Hapsburg dynasty. From their castle just south of Vienna they amassed a vast collection of territory across Austria, Bohemia and Moravia, most dramatically during the Fifty Years War, during which Lutheran or Hussite lords were stripped of land and power. They were awarded the title of Prince during the conflict.

As the majority of their Moravian holdings were confiscated by Hungary in 1742 Prince Karl Joseph demanded compensation from Emperor Rupert. Needing as much support as he could muster Rupert aquiesced to their entreaties and the Liechtenstein territories were given immediacy.

House of Liechtenstein
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Karl Joseph (1733-1749)
Johann I (1749-1780)
Johann II (1780-1802)
Joseph I Franz (1802-1806)
Maximilian I (1806-1824)
Joseph II Aloys (1824-1860)
Adam (1860-1898)
Johann III (1898-1923)
Maximilian II (1923-1964)
Joseph III Joseph HRE (The Kalmar Union) (1964-2012)
Karoline (2012- )
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