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Coat of Arms of Vinland

The Queens of Vinland are normally dated from the rule of Freydis. However, the actual title of 'Queen' was not used until 1082 when Thorey I was crowned by the newly installed bishop of Vinland. Until that point they had owed their position to merely being speakers of the Vinlandic Althing.

Why are Vinland and Álengiamark's crowns passed matrilinealy? The answer lies in the role of women in founding the original colony (especially Freydis and Gudrid), and also of the the autocratic rule of Snorri Thorfinnsson who abused his position as speaker to create a monopoly for himself. Once Snorri was overthrown, the Althing preferred a female speaker who in theory would not be able to wield the same level of power.

As childbirth was a major killer of women right up to modern times the line of descent often did not follow mother to daughter, as ruling queens avoided pregnancy. The Althing has historically had final say on electing queens though often the right to succeed is secured as soon as a new heir is born by an official act.

The family name is officially 'Eiriksdottír' but is also written Eriksdottir or Ericsdottir.

House of Eiriksdottír
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
Freydis I Freydis I (The Kalmar Union) (1021-1026)

(1026-1039) Different speakers of the Althing, sometimes referred to as the 'Democratic Interegnum' leading towards the autocratic rule of Snorri Thorfinnsson.

House of Eiriksdottír
Monarch Portrait Dates of Rule
St Hafdis I Hafdis I (The Kalmar Union) (1039-1058)
Sigrun Sigrun Vin (The Kalmar Union) (1058-1064)
Thorey I Thorey I (The Kalmar Union) (1064-1116) crowned 1082
Snaedis I Edith z Wessexu (1116-1131)
Hafdis II Hafdis II Vin (The Kalmar Union) (1131-1142)
Asdis I Asdis I Vin (The Kalmar Union) (1142)
Iofridr Iofridr (The Kalmar Union) (1142-1201)
Thorey II Thorey II (The Kalmar Union) (1201-1206)
Kristjana I Kristjana I (The Kalmar Union) (1206-1230)
Jakobina I Jakobina I (The Kalmar Union) (1230-1231)
Freydis II Freydis II (The Kalmar Union) (1231-1252)
Thorey III Thorey III (The Kalmar Union) (1252-1261)
Kristjana II Kristjana II (The Kalmar Union) (1261-1280)
Thyri Thyri Vin (The Kalmar Union) (1280-1287)
Kristjana III Kristjana III (The Kalmar Union) (1287-1301)
Hafdis III Hafdis III (The Kalmar Union) (1301-1320)
Kristjana IV Kristjana IV (The Kalmar Union) (1320-1352)
Geirfrithur Geirfrithur (The Kalmar Union) (1352-1355)
Snaedis II Snaedis II (The Kalmar Union) (1355-1390)
Kristjana V Kristjana V (The Kalmar Union) (1390-1405)
Asdis II Asdis II (The Kalmar Union) (1405-1420)
Hafdis IV Hafdis IV (The Kalmar Union) (1420-1453)
Jakobina II Jakobina II (The Kalmar Union) (1453-1502)
Kristjana VI Kristjana VI (The Kalmar Union) (1502-1523)
Thorey IV Thorey IV (The Kalmar Union) (1523-1560)
Asdis III Asdis III (The Kalmar Union) 1560-1579
Snaedis III Snaedis III (The Kalmar Union) 1579-1603
Maídis Maidis (The Kalmar Union) 1603-1617
Thorey V Elizabeth de Vere 1617-1621
Freydis III Caterina van Hemessen Portrait of a Lady 1621-1647
Greta I Greta I (The Kalmar Union) 1647-1681
Thorey VI Lossy-page1-720px-Anthony van Dyck - A Genoese Lady with Her Child - 1954.392 - Cleveland Museum of Art.tiff 1681-1694
Thorey VII Catherine of Braganza 1694-1712
Eyfinna I Portrait of a Lady, said to be Louise Julie de Nesle, Comtesse de Mailly by Alexis Grimou 1712-1733
Greta II Greta II (The Kalmar Union) 1733-1756
Eyfinna II Eyfinna II (The Kalmar Union) 1756-1790
Lára Queen Mary II 1790-1819
Svenný I Svenny I (The Kalmar Union) 1819-1832
Svenný II Svenny II (The Kalmar Union) 1832-1857
Kristjana VII Caroline Louisa Pratt Bartlett by Rembrandt Peale - BMA 1857-1885
Svenný III Svenny III (The Kalmar Union) 1885-1902
Thorey VIII Thorey VIII (The Kalmar Union) 1902-1931
Sofía Queen Louise of Denmark (1851-1926) 1931-1960
Kristjana VIII Kristjana VIII (The Kalmar Union) 1960-1988
Kristjana IX Grand Duchess Maria nikolaevna (1988-)

Eiriksson/Eiriksdottír Family Tree

A simplified family tree of the main line of descent of the Vinlandic queens.

Thorvald Asvaldsson
'the Red'
Leif Eiriksson
Thorstein Eiriksson
Gudrid Thorbjarnars-
Thorfinn Karlsefni
Freydis I Eiriksdottír
Freydis I (The Kalmar Union)
Ulf Bjornsson
2 Sons

Earls of Greenland
Snorri Thorfinnsson
Thorbjorn Thorfinnsson
Hjorlefiur Ulfsson
St. Hafdis I Thorirsdottír
Hafdis I Vin small (The Kalmar Union)
Sigrun Ulfsdottír
Sigrun Vin (The Kalmar Union)
Jón Arasson
Stymir Hjorlefiurs-
Halfdan Hjorlefiurs-
Thorgerd Dufthakrs-
Thorey I Hjorlefiurs-

Thorey I (The Kalmar Union)
Snorri Jónsson
Kolbeinn Jónsson
Eirik Halfdansson
Gudrid Halfdansdottír
Ulfljótr Halfdansson
Egil Halfdansson
Earls of Markland
Earls of Eikland
Thorgeir Gunnarsson
Snaedis I Gunnarsdottír
Edith z Wessexu
Osvífr Bjornsson
Earls of Kyreyja
Earls of Ingolfursey
Earls of Vinland
Hafdis II Osvífrsdottír
Hafdis II Vin (The Kalmar Union)
Kári Einarsson
Elisiv Osvífrsdottír
Elisiv (The Kalmar Union)
(Queen of Álengiamark)
Grimhild Osvífrsdottír
Thorlákur Throddsson
Asdis I Osvífrsdottír
Asdis I Vin (The Kalmar Union)
Jón Osvífrsson
Iofridr Kárisdottír
Iofridr (The Kalmar Union)
Ulf Jokullsson
Thorvald Kárisson
Birkir Thorlákursson
5 Sons


Eydis Álengia (The Kalmar Union)
(Queen of Álengiamark)
Thorey II

Thorey II Vin (The Kalmar Union)
Kristjana Ulfsdottír
Kristjana I (The Kalmar Union)
Sturla Gissurarsson
Jakobina I Ulfsdottír
Jakobina I (The Kalmar Union)
Hrafn Kárasson
Gunn Birkirsson
Freydis II Hrafnsdottír
Freydis II (The Kalmar Union)
Pjetur Jorundursson
Gudmundur Hrafnsson
1 Other Son
1 Other Daughter
Hlynor Guthnisson
Thorey III Gunnsdottír
Thorey III (The Kalmar Union)
Invar Gudmund-
Hafsteinn Ingolfursson
Kristjana II

Kristjana II (The Kalmar Union)
Gardar Ivarsson
Eythor Hlynorsson
Valdemar Hlynursson
Adalheidur Hlynursdottír
Vilhjálmur Hlynursson
Thyri Invarsdottír
Thyri Vin (The Kalmar Union)
Olaf Skulisson
Orn Gardarsson
Snaedis Gardarsdottír
Kári Olafsson
Áslaug Gardarsdottír
Kristjana III Olafsdottír
Kristjana III (The Kalmar Union)
Sigurthur Asgeirsson
Eric III
Of Denmark
Halfdan Eythorsson
Hafdis III Kárisdottír
Hafdis III (The Kalmar Union)
Elvar Elvarsson
Otto Ericsson
(Otto of Denmark)
Kristjana IV Halfdansdottír
Kristjana IV (The Kalmar Union)
Ari Tállsson
Geirfrithur Elvarsdottír
Geirfrithur (The Kalmar Union)
Vilhjálmur Magnusson
Runólf Arisson
Thordis Jónsdottír
Svend Arisson
Oláf Valdemarsson
Snaedis II Vilhjálmursdottír
Snaedis II (The Kalmar Union)
Bjarki Vilhjálmursson
Birgir Magnusson
Asdis II Svendsdottír
Asdis II (The Kalmar Union)
Bjarni Oláfsson
Otto Oláfsson
Kristjana V Oláfsdottír
Kristjana V (The Kalmar Union)
Steinar Hannesson
Snaedis Birgirsdottír
Jón Birgirsson
Hafdis IV Birgirsdottír
Hafdis IV (The Kalmar Union)
Kristian Hákonsson
Elisabet Birgirsdottír
Johánn Birgirsson
Birgir Birgirsson

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