Alternative History

Charles I's Coat of Arms which was created the Coat of Spain

This is the list of people who ruled the Crowns of Aragon and Castile and Léon after their union into the Kingdom of Spain, their realm also includes the Kingdom of Morocco in the Tudor Line timeline.



Reign Relation to previous Consort
Joanna I 1516 - 1557 New Title None
Charles I 1557 - 1571 Son of Joanna I Isabella of Portugal
Ferdinand I 1571 - 1598 Son of Charles I Berengaria of Portugal
Philip II 1598 - 1609 Son of Ferdinand I TBA
Philip III 1609 - 1642 Son of Philip II Mary of Scotland
Philip IV 1642 - 1655 Son of Philip III Emmanuela of Portugal
Charles II 1655 - 1673 Son of Philip IV TBA
Mary I 1673 - 1688 Son of Philip IV Arthur of England
Isabella II 1688 - 1702 Son of Mary I TBA

Dukes of Gibraltar

Name Reign Relation to previous Duchess

Jaime de Ceutas

1530 - 1578 New Title Maria de Leon
Carlo de Ceutas 1578 - 1603 Son of Jaime

Duke of Mexico

Name Reign Relation to previous Duchess
Martín I 1551 - 1584 New Title Bernaldina de Porras
Hernán I 1584 - 1623 Son of Martín I