Alternative History

Kings of Serbia[]

Coat of arms of Serbian Kingdom

The King of Serbia (Serbian: Краљ Србија) was the Head of state and ruler of the Kingdom of Serbia beginning with the proclamation of Milan I as King on March 6, 1882, and ending with the deposition of Peter II on the October 20, 1944 during the closing days of World War II.

Name Portrait Birth Marriages Death Succession right Royal house Note
Milan I
June 10, 1868 – March 6, 1889
KraljMilanObrenovic August 22, 1854 Mărăşeşti Natalija Keşco
2 children
February 11, 1901(1901-02-11) Vienna
aged 46
previously Prince of Serbia,
proclaimed King in 1882
House of Obrenović abdicated
Alexander I
March 6, 1889 – June 11, 1903
AleksandarObrenovic August 14, 1876
Draga Lunjevica
no issue
June 11, 1903 (1903-06-12) Belgrade
aged 26
son of the preceding House of Obrenović Assassinated with Queen Draga in the May Overthrow.End of Obrenović Dynasty.

Military Commanders of Serbia[]


The Military Commander of Serbia (German: Militärbefehlshaber in Serbien; Serbian: Војни командант Србија) was the Head of state of the Government of National Salvation beginning with the appointment of Adolf Heusinger as Commander of the occupying forces in Serbia on June 7, 1950, and ending with the withdraw of German troops in 1989 during the closing years of the Cold War.

Picture Name Born-Died Took Office Left Office Party
Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2005-00302C Adolf Heusinger Adolf Heusinger August 4, 1897 - November 30, 1982 1950 Incumbent none