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Key to Senate classes and Ends of term

Class End of Term
3 2011
2 2013
1 2015

List of current members of the United States Senate[]

State Class   Name
Alabama 3 Richard Shelby official portrait Richard Shelby Republican
Alabama 2 Jeff Sessions official portrait Jeff Sessions Republican
Alaska 3 Lisa Murkowski Lisa Murkowski Republican
Alaska 2 Sarah Palin portrait Sarah Palin Republican
Arizona 3 John McCain France John McCain Republican
Arizona 1 Jon Kyl, official 109th Congress photo Jon Kyl Republican
Arkansas 3 Blanche Lincoln, 2007 Blanche Lincoln Democratic
Arkansas 2 Mike Huckabee Mike Huckabee Republican
California 1 Dianne Feinstein, official Senate photo Dianne Feinstein Democratic
California 3 Barbara Boxer 2005 Barbara Boxer Democratic
Colorado 2 Wayne Allard official portrait Wayne Allard Republican
Colorado 3 Pete coors Pete Coors Republican
Connecticut 3 Candidate108327 Ned Lamont Democratic
Connecticut 1 Joe Lieberman official portrait 2 Joe Lieberman Independent
Delaware 1 Mike-Castle Mike Castle Republican
Delaware 2 Joe Biden official portrait 2 Joe Biden Democratic
Florida 1 Bill Nelson Bill Nelson Democratic
Florida 3 Senator George LeMieux George LeMieux Republican
Georgia 2 Saxby Chambliss Saxby Chambliss Republican
Georgia 3 Johnny Isakson Johnny Isakson Republican
Hawaii 3 Daniel Inouye, official Senate photo portrait, 2008 Daniel Inouye Democratic
Hawaii 1 Daniel Akaka official photo Daniel Akaka Democratic
Idaho 3 Mike Crapo Official Photo 110th Congress Mike Crapo Republican
Idaho 2 Jim Risch official portrait Jim Risch Republican
Illinois 2 Mark Steven Kirk, official photo portrait color Mark Kirk Republican
Illinois 3 Barack Obama Senate portrait 2005 Barack Obama Democratic
Indiana 1 Dick Lugar offical photo Richard Lugar Republican
Indiana 3 Evan Bayh official portrait Evan Bayh Democratic
Iowa 3 Sen Chuck Grassley official Chuck Grassley Republican
Iowa 2 Tom Harkin official portrait Tom Harkin Democratic
Kansas 3 Sam Brownback Sam Brownback Republican
Kansas 2 Pat Roberts official photo Pat Roberts Republican
Kentucky 2 Rand-paul Rand Paul Republican
Kentucky 3 Jim Bunning official photo Jim Bunning Republican
Louisiana 2 Mary Landrieu Senate portrait Mary Landrieu Democratic
Louisiana 3 David Vitter official photo David Vitter Republican
Maine 1 Olympia-snowe Olympia Snowe Republican
Maine 2 Sen Susan Collins official Susan Collins Republican
Maryland 3 Barbara Mikulski Barbara Mikulski Democratic
Maryland 1 Michael Steele [[Michael Steele (President Delay) Michael Steele]] Republican
Massachusetts 2 John F. Kerry John Kerry Democratic
Massachusetts 1 Sbrownofficial Scott Brown Republican
Michigan 2 Mccotter Thaddeus McCotter Republican
Michigan 1 Pete Hoekstra Pete Hokstra Republican
Minnesota 1 Michelebachmannbr-mn Michelle Bachman Republican
Minnesota 2 Norm Coleman official portrait Norm Coleman Republican
Mississippi 2 Thad Cochran official portrait Thad Cochran Republican
Mississippi 1 Senator Roger Wicker official photo Roger Wicker Republican
Missouri 3 Kit Bond official portrait Kit Bond Republican
Missouri 1 Jim Talent official photo Jim Talent Republican
Montana 2 BobKelleher Bob Kelleher Republican
Montana 1 Conrad Burns official portrait Conrad Burns Republican
Nebraska 1 Ben Nelson Ben Nelson Democrat
Nebraska 2 Mike Johanns official Senate photo Mike Johanns Republican
Nevada 3 ArtbellBio Art Bell Republican
Nevada 1 Sen John Ensign official photo John Ensign Republican
New Hampshire 3 Gregg official photo Judd Gregg Republican
New Hampshire 2 John E. Sununu John Sununu Republican
New Jersey 2 NjPolHopes Dick Zimmer Republican
New Jersey 1 Tom-kean-jr Tom Kean Jr. Republican
New Mexico 1 Official Photo of Senator Jeff Bingaman (D-NM) 2008 Jeff Bingaman Democratic
New Mexico 2 Steve pearce Steve Pierce Republican
New York 3 Peter King, official 109th Congress photo Pete King Republican
New York 1 Pataki, George George Pataki Republican
North Carolina 3 Richard Burr official photo Richard Burr Republican
North Carolina 2 Elizabeth Dole official photo Elizabeth Dole Republican
North Dakota 1 Senator Conrad Official Portrait Kent Conrad Democratic
North Dakota 3 Byron Dorgan1 Byron Dorgon Democratic
Ohio 3 George Voinovich, official photo portrait, 2006 George Voinovich Republican
Ohio 1 Mike DeWine official photo Mike DeWine Republican
Oklahoma 2 Jim Inhofe, official photo portrait, 2007 Jim Inhofe Republican
Oklahoma 3 Tom Coburn official portrait Tom Coburn Republican
Oregon 3 Ron Wyden official portrait crop Ron Wyden Democratic
Oregon 2 Jeff Merkley official photo Jeff Merkley Republican
Pennsylvania 3 Arlen Specter, official Senate photo portrait Arlen Specter Democratic
Pennsylvania 1 Rick-santorum Rick Santourom Republican
Rhode Island 2 Jack Reed, official photo portrait, 2008 Jack Reed Democratic
Rhode Island 1 Lincoln Chafee Standing Lincoln Chaffee Republican
South Carolina 2 Graham Lindsey Graham Republican
South Carolina 3 Jim DeMint Jim DeMint Republican
South Dakota 2 Daschlelowres Tom Daschle Democratic
South Dakota 3 John Thune official photo John Thune Republican
Tennessee 2 Lamar Alexander official portrait Lamar Alexander Republican
Tennessee 1 Bob Corker, official Senate photo, 09-21-07 Bob Corker Republican
Texas 1 Kay Bailey Hutchison, official photo 2 Kay Bailey Hutchison Republican
Texas 2 John Cornyn official portrait, 2009 crop John Cornyn Republican
Utah 1 Orrin Hatch, official 110th Congress photo Orrin Hatch Republican
Utah 3 Bob Bennett official portrait, 2009 Robert Foster Bennett Republican
Vermont 3 Patrick Leahy official portrait Patrick Leahy Democratic
Vermont 1 Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders Independent
Virginia 1 Senator John Warner portrait John Warner Republican
Virginia 2 George Allen official portrait George Allen Republican
Washington 3 Patty Murray official portrait Patty Murray Democratic
Washington 1 Maria Cantwell official photo Maria Cantwell Democratic
West Virginia 1 Seal of the United States Senate Vacant
West Virginia 2 Jay Rockefeller official photo Jay Rockefeller Democratic
Wisconsin 1 Herbert Kohl, official photo Herb Kohl Democratic
Wisconsin 3 File:Russ Feingold Official Portrait.jpg Russ Feingold Democratic
Wyoming 2 Mike Enzi official portrait Mike Enzi Republican
Wyoming 1 Sen. John Barrasso Official Portrait John Barrasso Republican
State Class Name Party

Current Composition[]

Republican: 70 Democratic: 28 Independent: 2

Senate Leadership[]

Majority Leadership[]

Majority Leader: John Kyl
Majority Whip: John Thune
Republican Conference Chairman: Lamar Alexander
Republican Policy Committee Chairman: Jeff Sessions
Republican Conference Secretary: Michelle Bachmann
Republican Campaign Committee Chairman: John Cornyn

Minority Leadership[]

Minority Leader: Tom Daschle
Minority Whip: Barack Obama
Chairman of the Liberal Conference: Jack Reed
Democratic Policy Committee Chairman: Patrick Leahy
Democratic Conference Secretary: Patty Murray
Democratic Campaign Committee Chairman: Christopher Dodd


President of The Senate: Mike Pence
President pro tempore: Richard Luger

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