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Since its independence in 1986, the Republic of Byrdia has been governed jointly by a President, who is Head of both State and Government, and a Vice President, who is the President's second-in-command, and is first in the Presidential line of succession. Presidents and Vice Presidents are elected simultaneously, on the same ticket. They serve 4-year terms, renewable once.

Name Portrait Took office Left office President Political Party Notes
Maximillion J. Arbuckle III Arbuckle 1986 1988 Andrey Trishin Freedom Alliance Later President. Trishin had served as Governor of Byrdia from 1984-86, so his first term was ruled to expire in 1988 rather than 1990.
Blake Headford 1988 1992 Herbert Spencer Green
Nicholas Odohar 1992 2000 Maximillion J. Arbuckle III Freedom Alliance / Independent Party collapsed in 1994, continued Vice Presidency as an independent. Later President.
Dora Portugal 2000 2008 Nicholas Odohar Green
Joseph N. Harris 2008 Incumbent Gregory L. Jacobs Whig

Other major parties:

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